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The Breakfast Club + Sia

The Breakfast Club I’ve had a very cultural week. It started off with a cinematic throwback to the 80’s watching The Breakfast Club for the trillionth time and yesterday I got to see Sia perform here in Tel Aviv. Let me hear you say “Yeah”! Wednesday morning was a bummer. I totally forgot about having to…… Continue reading The Breakfast Club + Sia

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Goodbye, Sweet Prince!

Another legend slips through our fingers. After Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, David Bowie, Allan Rickman, and so many others… The artist formerly known as Prince was found dead in his Minnesota estate today at the young age of 57, and the world is crying the tears of doves. Needless to say who Prince was, what he…… Continue reading Goodbye, Sweet Prince!

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Velvet Goldmine (1998)- Soundtrack

As posted last week, each Friday I wish to write and post something about David Bowie or Bowie related. Today I thought about a film I haven’t watched in a very long time and kind of missed, I have to say. Velvet Goldmine had a substantial presence in my teenage years as cultural educator. I’ve drawn much inspiration…… Continue reading Velvet Goldmine (1998)- Soundtrack

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It Is What It Is- Blood Orange

It’s time to contribute to my Music Archive! Some songs can catch you at the right moment. The perfect background music for the mood your’e in. On one of my many New York City strolls, I entered this gallery in Soho. It seemed interesting and artsy enough so I thought why not check it out. I gazed at…… Continue reading It Is What It Is- Blood Orange

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Summer Blink

It’s winter time… but I have a “Summer Blink” in my eyes… I think everyone should have a pep song. A song that would lift you up when harder times occur, when you’ve lost confidence and gained nothing but mistrust towards yourself. A song that would keep you going when nothing else will, and be a…… Continue reading Summer Blink

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Cocteau Twins Radio

How nice it is to finally go to my favorite park and listen to some great music? Last Sunday I was calmly sunbathing on a borrowed blanket with headphones in my ears and Cocteau Twins radio playing on Pandora. People were busy working out, walking the dog or just talking and making noise, while I…… Continue reading Cocteau Twins Radio

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Infected Mushroom @ Webster Hall, NYC

Friday’s concert was frickin’ awesome!!! This was my first time being in an Infected Mushroom concert. I have savored the pleasure for the band’s NYC Webster hall concert to catch up on what I’ve been missing so far. So many people (sweaty people) dancing and jumping around, crazed with rhythm and electric guitar. There were…… Continue reading Infected Mushroom @ Webster Hall, NYC

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U Started It, Gwen Stefani

I heard this song playing in a fitting room background and remembered I missed listening to Gwen Stefani. Her voice takes me back to my high school years, back when I first discovered No Doubt. “U Started It” is a sweet song one of twelve tracks on Gwen’s 2006 album “The Sweet Escape”. I’m sorry…… Continue reading U Started It, Gwen Stefani

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The Smashing Pumpkins’ Reissue of “Adore”

I read an article a few days ago on NME saying that The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan is accusing Amazon for leaking track-list info of the bands’ reissue of the 1998 album “Adore”. A horrible breaking of an agreement according to Corgan, no doubt. Disregarding the blame game here for a second…     What???… “Adore” is…… Continue reading The Smashing Pumpkins’ Reissue of “Adore”

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The magnificence of Lorde

Lorde has a voice so soothing with a unique and intriguing vibe that could get you right up your seat and start singing. The New Zealand originating creator has the oddness and eccentricity of artist Kate Bush and like Kate, also started her singing career when she was very young, only 13 years old, only…… Continue reading The magnificence of Lorde