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Infected Mushroom @ Webster Hall, NYC

Friday’s concert was frickin’ awesome!!! This was my first time being in an Infected Mushroom concert. I have savored the pleasure for the band’s NYC Webster hall concert to catch up on what I’ve been missing so far. So many people (sweaty people) dancing and jumping around, crazed with rhythm and electric guitar. There were…… Continue reading Infected Mushroom @ Webster Hall, NYC

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Little Dragon Concert

It finally happened last night. The concert I have been longing for. I had imagined for it to have a better start, alas that was not the case, I came in late, and didn’t get a good view. My bad! Little Dragon came out and started playing and than I felt happy. People kept pushing,…… Continue reading Little Dragon Concert

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Governor Ball Major Miss Out!

Oh, it’s this weekend? Oh, no!!! The line-up is crazy this year, and tickets are obviously SOLD OUT! what a shame for sweet little archive… Due to previous engagements I could not go, and feeling sooo sad about it. An annual delight for New York locals and outsiders. 3 days of pure fun. Here…… Continue reading Governor Ball Major Miss Out!

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After Midnight- Broadway musical

i kind of took my time writing about this musical. well, i didn’t really have a blog then. it was an unexpected treat from a good friend. i came to the Worth & Worth hat shop where i used to work, just to say goodbye before leaving to Israel. my friend and hat designer, Orlando,…… Continue reading After Midnight- Broadway musical

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Har Mar Superstar concert

a friend highly recommended me to go see Har Mar Superstar. sent me a link to his performance, and said i have to go, and that i’ll be happy i did. i clicked on Google to check him out and saw a short figured guy, with a funny looking hair and belly popping out, singing…… Continue reading Har Mar Superstar concert

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Mike Patton and John Zorn at Le Poisson Rouge

  i’m telling you, i haven’t heard such screaming in a long time… oh, but anything that comes out from this man’s throat (mike patton) i LOVEEEE. i went to this one alone. standing in a not too big of a room with many many patton fanatics. was a little scary at first. people came…… Continue reading Mike Patton and John Zorn at Le Poisson Rouge

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“Shaking the Habitual” The Knife concert

I have been waiting exactly four months for this concert, and it was worth every minute! I remember buying the ticket on January 16, two days before I got back to NY. I was sad to leave Israel, but oh, there was a huge smile on my face then! This is a band I had…… Continue reading “Shaking the Habitual” The Knife concert