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Mike Patton and John Zorn at Le Poisson Rouge


Mike Patton in all his glory, September 23rd 2013

i’m telling you, i haven’t heard such screaming in a long time… oh, but anything that comes out from this man’s throat (mike patton) i LOVEEEE. i went to this one alone. standing in a not too big of a room with many many patton fanatics. was a little scary at first. people came all pumped up and ready to roar. there was even a fight, and obviously i had to be standing right in the middle. but than i realized that we were all simply sharing the same admiration for this one man. i grabbed a beer and played it cool. the show finally started and my heart was beating so fast. i was at on my toes just trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on stage. oh my gosh, and here comes mike! i’m in love! i couldn’t really move a whole lot, and my ears were hurting a little. i sure didn’t expect this. throttle twists and demonic voices as he knows how to do best. a vocal genius. the show was called templars: in sacred blood. as gothic and dark as it was, i enjoyed it. it was one hell of an experience. i don’t know many of john zorn‘s materials, but to put on this kind of show, i greatly say: kudos, man!

John Zorn


just for kicks :-)
just for kicks 🙂

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