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Pretty In Pink


Pretty In Pink 1986,  John Hughes

every time i watch this flick, i feel kind of envious, in a good way, though… i dream of being Andie (Molly Ringwald) and to experience that kind of fairytale… and also wear those clothes. she’s a working class girl, who seems to have it not so easy in life, between dealing with the high school upper class snobs and her unemployed father. she works in this very cool record store to earn a living. her best friend, Duckie (Jon Cryer, whom you might know from the T.V. show Two and a Half Men) follows her around and trying really hard to keep his feelings to himself. when she develops a crush on Blaine (Andrew McCarthy), a preppy rich boy, things start to get intense. and then comes the school dance. that’s what i love about 80’s high school movies. everything seems so innocent (besides those shoulder pads and blow dryer hairdos). you love a boy, he loves you. there is some struggle at first, but there’s always a happy ending.  i know it’s not real… i do! but a girl can fantasize a little, can’t she? and people wonder why i’m so naive… i blame it all on John Hughes. if he didn’t make these great classics of his, i might have been in a totally different place right now! i still hope for my little fairytale to happen…




Movie stills from "Pretty in Pink".







School dance kiss…


4 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

    1. Thank you! If someone tells me they haven’t heard of John Huges, I give them the look and send them immediately to watch The Breakfast Club! I’m on a mission here 🙂


    2. Lol. I’ve tried that but, it turns out, teens nowadays just don’t “get” Hughes movies. 😦 Was surprised I had quite a few negative reviews when I did the blogathon!


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