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The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys is an 80’s cult film by the legendary Joel Schumacher. two brothers move in to a new town when strange incidents start to happen. they soon realize they have business with no other than four vicious teen vampires. there is a list somewhere mentioning all the hottest vampires of all times. i…… Continue reading The Lost Boys

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Browsing last night through Netflix I came across this American indie film.  The atmosphere of New York City streets combining an interesting bunch of witty and sincere characters makes it very and enjoyable to watch. a loud customer making a cigarettes speech, an ENJOY- A- CIGAR sign hanging in the back wall and one guy…… Continue reading SMOKE

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A Clockwork Orange

as a costume designer, i’m oozing with inspiration every time i’m watching this film. a bunch of “droogs” wearing tighty whities and masks, a bowler and a cane. lovely. a proper tribute to the English gentleman. Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is such an extreme character it fascinates me. i’m a little in love with that witty…… Continue reading A Clockwork Orange

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so it’s like this… high school. wanting to be popular, in the crowed, to count for something. high school hierarchy rules, and fitting in is hard work. the mean prom queens, the geeks, the cool athletes, the weirdo’s… it’s not only a John Hughes thing. i don’t know. it’s all about power. nail polished fingers…… Continue reading HEATHERS

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Pretty In Pink

  every time i watch this flick, i feel kind of envious, in a good way, though… i dream of being Andie (Molly Ringwald) and to experience that kind of fairytale… and also wear those clothes. she’s a working class girl, who seems to have it not so easy in life, between dealing with the…… Continue reading Pretty In Pink