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happy end

Val Chipzik (Audrey Tautou) is a young girl who dreams to be an actress. all alone in a strange city, she finds out it’s not so easy, but never gives up hope. she slides out of a construction site tube straight to noisy New York, and on her way she goes. one strange encounter with…… Continue reading happy end

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The Story of Luke

Relax in front of Netflix and watch a movie. That is all I wanna do today. surprising, ehh? I came across a film called, The Story of Luke. After reading the summary, I knew it was a good choice and clicked play. Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci) is a smart young man with autism. After loosing…… Continue reading The Story of Luke

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Elektric Children

my gosh! i saw this great film on Sunday night, called Elektric Children. it was sitting right in front of me this whole time. i mean… Netflix is always open and right in front of me so that’s why. i actually watched it because of its logo picture. a beautiful girl staring at some lights.…… Continue reading Elektric Children

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Browsing last night through Netflix I came across this American indie film.  The atmosphere of New York City streets combining an interesting bunch of witty and sincere characters makes it very and enjoyable to watch. a loud customer making a cigarettes speech, an ENJOY- A- CIGAR sign hanging in the back wall and one guy…… Continue reading SMOKE