“Is it worth paying for a ticket?”: Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013)

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Based on a graphic novel of the same name by Julie Maroh, Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013, dir. Abdellatif Kechiche) tells the story of Adèle, a high school student who is blossoming into adulthood. Adèle has a fairly regular life, she enjoys studying and has some good friends and…

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After the Wedding (2006)

Some films just live you speechless in the end… “After the Wedding” (“Efter brylluppet”, 2006) is a Danish Drama directed by Susanne Bier, starring the gorgeous and talented Mads Mikkelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen, and Rolf Lassgård. The film tells the story of Jacob, a man who dedicates his life to teaching orphan children in India.…… Continue reading After the Wedding (2006)

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NYMPH()MANIAC Vol.1 (2013)

Definition: Nymphomania, also known as Hypersexuality, is extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity. It can be caused by some medical conditions or medication, Mental health problems such as borderline personality disorder, and alcohol and some drugs use (Wikipedia). Joe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, a diagnosed nymphomaniac, found beaten up on the street on…… Continue reading NYMPH()MANIAC Vol.1 (2013)

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Basquiat (1996)

What’s in an artist? a raw affirmation of the world through words and colors? Dangerous imagery or a delicate view of things? The stroke of a brush on a blank canvas can become something significant in a second. It’s wonderful and natural. It’s art. I guess I’m floating with inspiration right now. Again, it’s because…… Continue reading Basquiat (1996)

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Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

True romance never dies…  au contraire, it stays alive only to feed on others.  Vampires Adam and Eve reunite after years spent apart. A depressed musician and scientist envious of his solitude and his similarly succubal, Tangier-dwelling lady love. Centuries of being alive, the two lovers spend their nights enjoying quality blood, reflecting on past…… Continue reading Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

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happy end

Val Chipzik (Audrey Tautou) is a young girl who dreams to be an actress. all alone in a strange city, she finds out it’s not so easy, but never gives up hope. she slides out of a construction site tube straight to noisy New York, and on her way she goes. one strange encounter with…… Continue reading happy end

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The Story of Luke

Relax in front of Netflix and watch a movie. That is all I wanna do today. surprising, ehh? I came across a film called, The Story of Luke. After reading the summary, I knew it was a good choice and clicked play. Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci) is a smart young man with autism. After loosing…… Continue reading The Story of Luke

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Christiane F.

Christiane F. tells her story of major drug addiction when she was a teenager. growing up in a high concrete building in west Berlin, she was drawn to the wrong crowed of teenage drug abusers. wanting to be like the hip kids, Christiane started hanging out in youth clubs, especially the up and coming “Sound”…… Continue reading Christiane F.

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Elektric Children

my gosh! i saw this great film on Sunday night, called Elektric Children. it was sitting right in front of me this whole time. i mean… Netflix is always open and right in front of me so that’s why. i actually watched it because of its logo picture. a beautiful girl staring at some lights.…… Continue reading Elektric Children

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Wings of Desire

it’s raining outside now, and while pondering what film to write about, a perfect decision came to mind. Wings of Desire, a Wim Wenders film. Berlin, 1987. a city overpopulated with people whom loneliness and lack of love is no stranger to them. immortal angels hover above. invisible to the human eye, they’re listening to…… Continue reading Wings of Desire