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Wings of Desire

Wings of Desire, 1987, Wim Wenders

it’s raining outside now, and while pondering what film to write about, a perfect decision came to mind. Wings of Desire, a Wim Wenders film. Berlin, 1987. a city overpopulated with people whom loneliness and lack of love is no stranger to them. immortal angels hover above. invisible to the human eye, they’re listening to people’s thoughts, and comforting the distressed ones. one angel, Damiel, Bruno Ganz, falls in love with a beautiful and lonely trapeze artist, played by Solveig Dommartin. he decides to leap into his human form and give up immortality for the sake of love and and life desires. toned with black and white, the film goes back to its natural color when love is found. a man and a woman.

Solveig Dommartin as Marion, the trapeze artist

i have to focus here on one particular character. Marion, the trapeze artist. the woman the angel falls in love with. i have a lot of women characters i draw inspiration from and she is one of the stronger ones. not to mention the fact that she did all the stunts by herself, she owns a unique look that simply wins me over. she craves love and wants to be loved. Marion looks like an angel hovering up there on her trapeze, entertaining the crowd.

Bruno Ganz as Damiel, the fallen angel

i love the scene when she goes to a concert. i love how she’s dressed. the Gothic black dress, the belt and the hair do. smoky underground bar, and Six Bells Chime is playing by Crime & City Solution. she’s by herself  and dancing with irregular beautiful movements. it’s almost divine. Damiel stands in the back corner, looking at her.

maxresdefaultthe film also starring Peter Falk as himself, and a great concert by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, where Marion and Damiel finally meet.

wings-of-desire-color-bruno-ganz-solveig-dommartin-climaxthis film stays with you a little. i know it did with me ever since i first watched it. i mean, i need love and comfort from time to time… don’t you?



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