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Wings of Desire

it’s raining outside now, and while pondering what film to write about, a perfect decision came to mind. Wings of Desire, a Wim Wenders film. Berlin, 1987. a city overpopulated with people whom loneliness and lack of love is no stranger to them. immortal angels hover above. invisible to the human eye, they’re listening to…… Continue reading Wings of Desire

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Browsing last night through Netflix I came across this American indie film.  The atmosphere of New York City streets combining an interesting bunch of witty and sincere characters makes it very and enjoyable to watch. a loud customer making a cigarettes speech, an ENJOY- A- CIGAR sign hanging in the back wall and one guy…… Continue reading SMOKE

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Lost In Translation

a love letter: i woke up feeling in love. i was having a dream and it was about you. i was slowly dosing off in your arms, resting. at times slightly opened my eyes to see if you are still there. You looked back at me with those beautiful almond brown eyes of yours as…… Continue reading Lost In Translation