Introducing Liam Brandon Murray

Ok… I saw this awesome post on my Facebook wall the other day and thought it was absolutely amazingly macabre.

I’m taking a slight detour from films today and flipping over to fashion and costume couture. As a former costume designer and an advocate of all things strange and unusual, passing on this Facebook gem would be a mistake.

I mean, look at this. I’d get married in this.


So, the man behind this is Liam Brandon Murray, a UK sculptor and artist that crafts baroque-like garments formulated from deeply layered urban elements and fabrics creating an overwhelming wearable artwork.

You can even dare put this in a washing machine.

There’s so much thought put into each garment, an almost microscopical attention to every detail, stitch, and finish that make each piece one of a kind. It’s not unnoticeable that Liam often incorporates religious elements and iconography into his designs, claiming he wanted to be a religious artist as a small boy. If you look closely, you’ll see Jesus on a cross, cherub angels, and church edifices. And there’s a hidden meaning behind this, you bet.

Not only does religion take a significant part in his designs, there’s eccentric glances of what would humans wear when they come to terms with their alien origins and star heritage. Liam’s wearable pieces cover the human form top to bottom, leaving no area untouched, from gowns to hats, shoes to coats and even wedding dresses.

If you’re looking for a little steampunk in your wardrobe, you found your guy.



So, how does Liam make his pieces?

Liam uses a mix of different formulas he calls “a cauldron”, containing an interesting mix of materials, including liquid foam for stretch, latex, stretchy fibers, and stretchy paints, among other things.

Once it’s on the fabric, he injects the back so it seals and becomes watertight.

I’ll get you my prettyand your little dog too!”




“Liam Brandon Murray fine art wearable sculpture. still in progress/not finished. Creator and founder of this art genre. All rights reserved. all under copyright.”

Moving like a spider…


Liam’s goal is to get the art world to recognize costume and fashion as fine art.

Lord Maharaja & Star Bride on stage in the 2016 WOW Awards Show


This is rare fine art. Not often do I come across such brilliance so fit for the hottest galleries and couture runways in the global “Big Four” fashion capitals of the 21st century -Paris, Milan, London and New York.

I don’t know Liam personally, but stumbled across these beauties on Facebook and absolutely had to take a sneak peak at his page and see what other treasures he’s got in there.

On The World of WearableArt editorial piece, Liam said that: “It’s my goal to get the art world to accept that as a piece of fine art. It’s just as good, if not more so, than a standing sculpture. This thing has to work, it has to move. [Costume and fashion designers] deserve more credit in the art world, I think.” 

Best of luck, Liam, and keep indulging us with your genius.

Liam Brandon Murray

Liam Brandon Murray


Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)


Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013,  Jim Jarmush

True romance never dies…  au contraire, it stays alive only to feed on others.  Vampires Adam and Eve reunite after years spent apart. A depressed musician and scientist envious of his solitude and his similarly succubal, Tangier-dwelling lady love. Centuries of being alive, the two lovers spend their nights enjoying quality blood, reflecting on past memories and worldly future thoughts. Eve’s rebellious younger sister, Eva, shows up one night only to annoy Adam and interrupt with the couple’s idyllic seclusion.


Tilda Swinton as Eve


Tom Hiddleston as Adam









This romantic drama is a fantastic new creation from director Jim Jarmush, whom I love very very much. Portioned with humorous insights and illusive blood sucking characters, the film won me over by its constant poetic notions of love. I was drawn by Eve’s serenity and compassion for Adam, and could have stayed in that theater all night watching what happens next. Jim Jarmush, most elegantly, casts new light on an old and mature topic such as vampires. His vision of what modern vampires should look like and behave is most inspiring to me.

_DON6610.nef only-lovers-left-alive_stills_09






Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddelston could not have done a better job in roles of Adam and Eve. Tilda owns unique and rare features which allow her to fit well in characters such as this one.   Almost alien like, she embraces her part as Eve most skillfully. I most remember Tom in his role as Scott Fitzgerald in the Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris”.  I did not recognize him at all. I have to say the pessimistic former rock star image suited him very well.  The legendary John Hurt appears as the couple’s lifelong friend and Eve’s blood supplier, Marlowe. Eve’s sister, Eva, is played by Australian actress Mia Wasikowska, who you might remember from her Alice role in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. Fabulous cast.



Only-Lovers-Left-Alive1As always, I love mentioning a good soundtrack when I hear one, so there you go. Opening theme is a slower version of Funnel Of Love performed by Wanda Jackson, followed by Red Eyes And Tears performed by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, only to end with a wonderful middle eastern flavor of Hal performed by Yasmine Hamdan.

The film is available at Sunshine Cinema- Landmark theaters, located on 143 East Houston Street on the Lower East Side. My favorite and most recommended cinema!



Romance never dies. it stays alive only to feed on others…


happy end


Audrey Tautou as Val Chipizik

Val Chipzik (Audrey Tautou) is a young girl who dreams to be an actress. all alone in a strange city, she finds out it’s not so easy, but never gives up hope. she slides out of a construction site tube straight to noisy New York, and on her way she goes. one strange encounter with Jack (Justin Theroux) changes things for Val. Jack is a lonely writer all dried up and lost in failure of love and divorce. inspired by Val, he decides to write a script based on her character and leads her to an Oscar winning destiny.

happy-end-audrey-tautou“nowhere to go but up…” is the strongest line in the film, and also a second title. i love Audrey Tautou is this one. the role she plays as Val fits her perfectly as she is tiny and sweet herself. back in those days, i would have imagined Audrey Hepburn as Val. another charming Audrey took over this time. they remind me of each other a little. Val’s character reminds me of Pierrot the clown. a sad little thing who is longing to be loved by someone, and makes everybody else smile. i won’t be surprised if that who the director, Amos Kollek, based the character on. in the film Val meets a bunch of weird characters who are also on the hunt after their dreams. one specifically got my attention and is played by one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Tilly. Edna is a somewhat fan of both men and women, she takes Val under her wing, offering to be her manager. sorry, couldn’t find pictures of her from the film…

bigthis film, in my eyes, is an authentic romance between two people lost in their dreams. a true fairy tale coming true in the big busy city. where no one has time for anything or anyone anymore…


“nowhere to go but up…”

Wings of Desire


Wings of Desire, 1987, Wim Wenders

it’s raining outside now, and while pondering what film to write about, a perfect decision came to mind. Wings of Desire, a Wim Wenders film. Berlin, 1987. a city overpopulated with people whom loneliness and lack of love is no stranger to them. immortal angels hover above. invisible to the human eye, they’re listening to people’s thoughts, and comforting the distressed ones. one angel, Damiel, Bruno Ganz, falls in love with a beautiful and lonely trapeze artist, played by Solveig Dommartin. he decides to leap into his human form and give up immortality for the sake of love and and life desires. toned with black and white, the film goes back to its natural color when love is found. a man and a woman.


Solveig Dommartin as Marion, the trapeze artist

i have to focus here on one particular character. Marion, the trapeze artist. the woman the angel falls in love with. i have a lot of women characters i draw inspiration from and she is one of the stronger ones. not to mention the fact that she did all the stunts by herself, she owns a unique look that simply wins me over. she craves love and wants to be loved. Marion looks like an angel hovering up there on her trapeze, entertaining the crowd.


Bruno Ganz as Damiel, the fallen angel

i love the scene when she goes to a concert. i love how she’s dressed. the Gothic black dress, the belt and the hair do. smoky underground bar, and Six Bells Chime is playing by Crime & City Solution. she’s by herself  and dancing with irregular beautiful movements. it’s almost divine. Damiel stands in the back corner, looking at her.

maxresdefaultthe film also starring Peter Falk as himself, and a great concert by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, where Marion and Damiel finally meet.

wings-of-desire-color-bruno-ganz-solveig-dommartin-climaxthis film stays with you a little. i know it did with me ever since i first watched it. i mean, i need love and comfort from time to time… don’t you?