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Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, 2003

a love letter:

i woke up feeling in love. i was having a dream and it was about you. i was slowly dosing off in your arms, resting. at times slightly opened my eyes to see if you are still there. You looked back at me with those beautiful almond brown eyes of yours as I was falling back in a deep sleep. i felt so wanted and loved. away and safe. the warm and gracious sun caressing my face, i felt serene. i’m writing and words are lost in emotion. i’m thinking of you. do you remember when we first saw this film? the part when Charlotte and Bob are going back to the hotel after their first night out together? he carries her in his arms as he opens the door to her room, puts her on the bed and covers her. she smiles back for a second and goes back to sleep. he leans towards her, smiling back. i imagined the two of us. you and me lost in translation in this big place. no one understands us but us. the only two left to know what it feels like.













Lost_in_Translation_620“… more than this you know there’s nothing, more than this tell me one thing…” Roxy Music

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