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HEATHERS, 1988, Michael Lehmann

so it’s like this… high school. wanting to be popular, in the crowed, to count for something. high school hierarchy rules, and fitting in is hard work. the mean prom queens, the geeks, the cool athletes, the weirdo’s… it’s not only a John Hughes thing. i don’t know. it’s all about power. nail polished fingers holding the invisible popularity wand, or the croquet stick, for that matter. who ever is wearing the red hair ribbon, she’s to rule and be cruel. in this 80’s flick, teenage suicide is becoming a new path for popularity. you die, you become a saint, and the better your suicide note is, the more you are loved and appreciated as a human being. only someone is causing those so called “suicides”. a rebellious class mate, a best friend… perhaps both? hmmm… can’t wait to see the musical! (







what’s your damage, Heather?







2 thoughts on “HEATHERS

    1. Thanks, Vern! Heathers is a great 80’s movie. I love the OST also. No one familiar, just some good 80’s tracks. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing the musical yet. I don’t think it’ll ever come to Israel.


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