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Mary And Max


it’s really hard for me to describe what this film means to me. i came to realize that knowing how to ask simple questions is a virtue. and not a very easy thing to do. Mary reminds me a lot of myself as a little girl. not many friends around, being teased for my puffy curly hair and finding comfort in watching movies on T.V. i often cry when i watch it… i could only be grateful for my loving family. a small glimpse inside the plot, if i may. Mary Daisy Dinkle is a sweet and lonely little girl. she has an unusual family and a birth mark on her forehead shaped like poop. she gets teased a lot because of it. her pet rooster Ethel is her only friend in the world. Max Jerry Horowitz is a neurotic and anxious middle aged man. he lives in New York and the people there often confuse him. he likes watching T.V. and takes pleasure in eating his chocolate hot dogs which recipe he invented. a lovely and unusual friendship is being created between the two with simply one letter and simple question.







Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 8.56.58 AM








4 thoughts on “Mary And Max

  1. Wow this looks incredible. I love odd friendships in stories. It’s such a blessing to see two ‘different’ people getting pleasure from each other’s company.

    This looks heart breaking………..but beautiful!

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    1. Oh, you have to watch this one! I have a feeling you’ll love it. I think Netflix has it. I usually cry because it’s so touching… Brilliant film. Let me know what you thought of it if you ever get the chance to watch it 🙂

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