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Cocteau Twins Radio

How nice it is to finally go to my favorite park and listen to some great music? Last Sunday I was calmly sunbathing on a borrowed blanket with headphones in my ears and Cocteau Twins radio playing on Pandora. People were busy working out, walking the dog or just talking and making noise, while I was daydreaming and sulking the sun. I love Pandora. It’s a great solution for when I’m sick of my current music and want to divers a little. Love it! I was in the mood for some chill and ambiance, needed quiet time from everything. I tried to read my book, which I normally do when I go to the park, but that seemed to fail as I felt a migraine coming up. Words began to blur, and I felt so sleepy. Reading’s not going to work. I need music!

Central_Park_mid-July_2008_-_46After 3 times of changing spots on the grass (I’m very decisive), I set myself in the middle of Central Park, enjoying nothing but the view of tall buildings and sweaty cute guys working out. I tuned into Pandora and began my Cocteau Twins radio journey. It was perfect. I laid down on my back to Mazzy Star and The Cure, and flip over to The Psychedelic Furs and Massive Attack. New Order and Echo & The Bunnyman also popped in as I turn to the side.

Suntan with Cocteau Twins. My favorite band since I was 16.

© Cocteau Twins Band, ScotlandCocteau Twins is a Dark 80’s/ synth-pop band who was mostly active from 1979 to 1997 all the way from Scotland. Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitar, drum machine) and Will Heggie (bass guitar) were the original members. They were first introduced to me in a dark night club room with the DJ playing “Wax and Wane“. I fell in love with that song and was eager to find out who’s it by. “Wax and Wane” followed by many other songs and albums was discovered, and from there on in I became a huge fan. A member of Cocteau Twins cult (if there is one).

Listening to Cocteau Twins brings back so many memories for me. I remember times when I used to sit in my room looking at the ceiling and imagine, times when I stood up singing Cocteau Twins songs to Elizabeth Fraser’s divine and distinctive soprano voice. Those were the days. It was so magical, and it was my thing. Songs like “Suckling The Mender” and “Smile” made me think of fairy tales, lost forests and goblins. I was sucked into my own world and wouldn’t come out until I had a very good reason (like hunger). I used to open my window and stare at the sky wondering what is up there. I was Spiritualized by the harmonizing instruments of “Ivo” and “Heaven or Las Vegas“, especially when it rained outside…


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