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Summer Blink

It’s winter time… but I have a “Summer Blink” in my eyes… I think everyone should have a pep song. A song that would lift you up when harder times occur, when you’ve lost confidence and gained nothing but mistrust towards yourself. A song that would keep you going when nothing else will, and be a…… Continue reading Summer Blink

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Cocteau Twins Radio

How nice it is to finally go to my favorite park and listen to some great music? Last Sunday I was calmly sunbathing on a borrowed blanket with headphones in my ears and Cocteau Twins radio playing on Pandora. People were busy working out, walking the dog or just talking and making noise, while I…… Continue reading Cocteau Twins Radio

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Pure Bathing Culture

I am now on a quest for new music. A dear friend of mine, Nastia, Nastia SeedStarter, was kind enough to introduce me to this band, located in her “hipsters, you make me mad!!!” YouTube playlist (what a great name for a playlist). While listening to their “Ivory Coast” song, Pure Bathing Culture won me…… Continue reading Pure Bathing Culture