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Pure Bathing Culture

Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille, Pure Bathing Culture

I am now on a quest for new music. A dear friend of mine, Nastia, Nastia SeedStarter, was kind enough to introduce me to this band, located in her “hipsters, you make me mad!!!” YouTube playlist (what a great name for a playlist). While listening to their “Ivory Coast” song, Pure Bathing Culture won me over. I kept diving into other songs, only to find a new favorite band.

Pure Bathing Culture are two New Yorkers, guitarist Daniel Hindman and keyboardist Sarah Versprille, who moved west to Portland, Oregon, to sprinkle their magic. Sarah’s melodic and crystalline voice brings me back to older times of gazing at the sky and looking for inspiration. The band’s unique sound altered my morning mood from hectic to relaxed, and I am forever thankful. Harmonizing electric guitars and keyboards, the duo’s synthy softness reminds me a lot of Cocteau Twins. Now there’s a band that reshaped my life, but that’s a story for another post…


DSC_0096Setting out their first full album, Moon Tides, in 2013, the band started working with producer Richard Swift at his studio cottage in Oregon. Swift reflected his imaginative portion on the project with his artistic vision. Using improvisation at studio times, the (now) threesome managed to compose a tranquil and mystic track-list most delightful to the ear.

1386494600pbc_faces-580x436I’m waiting for the up and coming NY concert on September 26 at Webster Hall. I the meantime here’s Ivory Coat for ya…


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    1. What a great compliment! I’m sorry for the late response… For some reason it got into my spam and I just saw it 😦
      I’m really happy you like it… Thank you 🙂


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