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Goodbye, Sweet Prince!

Another legend slips through our fingers.

After Michael Jackson, Whitney Huston, David Bowie, Allan Rickman, and so many others… The artist formerly known as Prince was found dead in his Minnesota estate today at the young age of 57, and the world is crying the tears of doves.

Needless to say who Prince was, what he made, and how he inspired millions. He was an awesome singer (to put it mildly) with crazy hits that always made me want to shake my tail feather. “You’ve got the Look”, “Let’s Go Crazy”, “When the Doves Cry”, “1999”, goodness! Was there something this man couldn’t do??

Ahh, my all time favorite Prince song was, is and always will be “I Wish You Heaven”.
Beautiful, romantic, great rhythm, heavenly!

Shoot, I still can’t believe he’s gone!

Like with Bowie’s passing, I thought it was a joke at first, but now that I know it’s true, I am crushed. I adored him! 

It seems odd to live in a world without Prince. Although I tend to stick to his much older hits, I’d still like to know he’s out there making magic. I guess heaven must be amazing right now, filled with glitters and gold. 

Rest in peace, His Royal Badness! You will be sorely missed. 

I wish you heaven.

Purple Rain (1984)

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Prince!

  1. As a child of the 80s I share your sadness. Prince was part of the soundtrack of my youth and his music will always bring a smile to my face.
    I hope you’re feeling a little better today!

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    1. Oh, yes. I feel ok. It’s always sad to hear someone you grew up on had passed… it’s an end of an era, no doubt! thanks for the amazing words as always, Paul!!


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