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Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 1

Remember your favorite movies and TV shows growing up? TV was great, especially during summer breaks and holidays. I used to be hooked on shows like The Fresh Prince and Degrassi, Heartbreak High and Beverly Hills 90210… those were the days! I used to frantically rent the Marry Poppins video every Friday, borrow Grease from…… Continue reading Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 1

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Absolute Beginner

David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 today and left billions of fans sad and blue. What a great loss to the world. This pop legend of so many characters, The White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, The Goblin King, Major Tom, Aladdin Sane, inspired legions of people around the world, me included, spreading lyrical…… Continue reading Absolute Beginner

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Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Dear Bloggers, I found myself post-less on this fine past week and ask for your forgiveness. Before you get all angry and unfollow me, please let me explain… I promise, I’m very convincing! (NOT AN EXCUSE) I got back from New York 2 months ago, and as I was busy adjusting to my home country and unemployed…… Continue reading Ch Ch Ch Changes!

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Bowie Collaborations- it’s the Final Countdown

Bowie had collaborated with fellow artists and created famous duos over the years. I have dedicated this happy Friday to collect favorite ones and list my top 5. Not an easy thing to do as there are so many others I have left behind, however listing my top 100 is way too much for now. Here…… Continue reading Bowie Collaborations- it’s the Final Countdown

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Flight of the Concords- Bowie

Before reading this please make sure you are equipped with a strong British accent and repeat this line: “Hello Bret, I’m 1972 David Bowie”. This gem was introduced to me by AlexRaphael after sharing my grand love for David Bowie on one of my earlier posts, so thanks heaps, Alex! Really enjoyed watching this 🙂 Synopsis: Season 1,…… Continue reading Flight of the Concords- Bowie

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The Hunger (1983)

A film directed by the late Tony Scott. Miriam (Catherine Deneuve) is a vampire queen who lures her lovers into the dark side by promising them eternal youth. She is married to John (David Bowie), her companion for the last 200 years. Together they’re set to hunt their midnight pray. When John faces a strange disease…… Continue reading The Hunger (1983)

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Velvet Goldmine (1998)- Soundtrack

As posted last week, each Friday I wish to write and post something about David Bowie or Bowie related. Today I thought about a film I haven’t watched in a very long time and kind of missed, I have to say. Velvet Goldmine had a substantial presence in my teenage years as cultural educator. I’ve drawn much inspiration…… Continue reading Velvet Goldmine (1998)- Soundtrack

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The Stars (Are Out Tonight)- Swinton & Bowie

Do you remember my post on the greatest duos on cinema? Well, here’s an amazing one on a music video! David Bowie and Tilda Swinton!! I mean, really… could it get any better than this?? Video synopsis: Swinton and Bowie play a well settled happy couple. When they make their usual visit to the grocery store…… Continue reading The Stars (Are Out Tonight)- Swinton & Bowie

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Greatest Duos On Cinema- My Top 10

Some films just have the BEST cast collaborations ever.  On my latest post on Death Becomes Her, I praise Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep for being a fantastic combination and turning this film into the absolute classic it is until today.  Because I am so freakin’ impressed by those two, I had an idea for a post and…… Continue reading Greatest Duos On Cinema- My Top 10

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“David Bowie Exhibition- How An Artist Became An Icon” Huffington Post

Based on previous posts of mine, I think it’s quite obvious I’m a HUGE Bowie fan. And as a HUGE fan, I also follow the “David Bowie (Official)” Facebook page. I came across this article from Huffington Post written by Joseph Erbentraut and Kim Bellware about an opening of a new Bowie exhibition, and I…… Continue reading “David Bowie Exhibition- How An Artist Became An Icon” Huffington Post