Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 1

Remember your favorite movies and TV shows growing up?

TV was great, especially during summer breaks and holidays. I used to be hooked on shows like The Fresh Prince and Degrassi, Heartbreak High and Beverly Hills 90210… those were the days!

I used to frantically rent the Marry Poppins video every Friday, borrow Grease from my next door neighbor, binge on Donald Duck cartoons, and watch Disney’s Pinocchio every time I stayed sick in bed.

My childhood favorites form a respectable list, and because there are quite a few worth mentioning, I’ll have to break the list into 3 parts. Ready for part 1?



Kidd Video


Kidd Video is an American cartoon created by DIC Entertainment in association with Saban Entertainment.

Plot: A teen rock band is abducted to a cartoon fantasy world where music is the key to defeating their enemies and finding their way home (via IMDb). The show is partially animated as the band are sucked into the cartoon-ish world of villainous Master Blaster and try to find their way back home using super cool music.

I love Kidd Video ’till this very day. I even downloaded the ringtone. This TV show symbolizes the 80’s to me more than anything else and I’ll always cherish it’s very cool 80’s soundtrack that introduced me to quality music like Tears For Fears’ Head Over Hills, Madonna’s Angel, Duran Duran’s The Reflex, Rockwell’s Somebody’s Watching Me and many more.

Kidd Video ran on NBC network from 1984 to 1985, but reruns continued airing until 1987.



A fantastic musical created and directed by Jim Henson which I used to be obsessed about when I was a kid. Labyrinth properly introduced me to David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly and I’ll always remember it fondly for helping me pass many afternoons.

Plot: Jareth (Bowie) the Goblin King takes away Sarah’s (Jennifer Connelly) baby brother, as she wished. Regretful she asks for her brother back. In return Sarah (Conelly) has to solve Jareth’s labyrinth in 13 hours before her brother’s finally returned to her.

As The World Falls Down is one of the best songs on the soundtrack, written and composed by Bowie himself. It’s romantic and enchanting and I always fantasized replacing Jennifer Connelly on this scene, dancing with David. Such a breathtaking scene! The entire soundtrack is pretty amazing, actually, with all songs written and composed by Trevor Jones and Bowie.

I adore Jim Henson for creating Labyrinth and I’m also a pride owner of the Collector’s Edition. It’s been a while since I last watched it. I think I overdid it with Labyrinth, but I’ll definitely be watching it with my kids.  I feel I need to pass on the legacy.

The Clan of the Cave Bear


Woah. Let me tell you… if I here the opening theme now, I’ll probably cry with emotions. This is one movie I watched a lot as a kid with my older brother and cousin. This movie brings up so many memories… They don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Plot: The Clan of the Cave Bear is based on the epic novel of the same name written by Jean M. Auel. It tells the story of a young Cro-Magnon girl orphaned, left exhausted and on the verge of starvation that is found and raised by a group of neanderthals who call themselves “The Clan”. Soon accustomed to the ways of the clan yet still considered an outsider, the girl Ayla (Daryl Hannah) tries to earn her value by becoming a well respected medicine woman.

Daryl Hannah is amazing as Ayla. Such a young actress that pulled off such a complex role. The scene I remember most is the one where Ayla is attacked by a cave lion. She is violently bruised and left with deep scratches across her thigh, nail shaped, which become iconic throughout the movie. Alas, I could not locate that scene on YouTube.

I think I had the illustrated book once. Gosh… I should find it.

Mary Poppins


Now who does’t remember the most iconic nanny of all time…

I think I broke a Guinness record with Marry Poppins – “the most rented video ever by the same person”.

Plot: Mary Poppins pops out of Edwardian London sky holding a black umbrella and bag to govern Jane and Michael. Unlike the sour-faced candidates aligned for the nanny position, Mary soon becomes a fantasy filled experience for the Banks children and introduces them to a world of music and adventure.

I don’t remember what happened after the video store manager told my dad that I’ve exceeded my Mary Poppins rental rights. But don’t you think it stopped me from getting it elsewhere! I needed my Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, damn it!!

Phew. That’s it for now. This post triggers so many childhood memories. Stay tuned for Part 2. I’m sure you’ll see some familiars on there as well.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your awesome thoughts with me!


Absolute Beginner


David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 today and left billions of fans sad and blue. What a great loss to the world.

This pop legend of so many characters, The White Duke, Ziggy Stardust, The Goblin King, Major Tom, Aladdin Sane, inspired legions of people around the world, me included, spreading lyrical gems, Rock N’ Roll masterpieces and enchanted melodies.


I can’t even begin to explain what this man means to me… His songs were the soundtrack of my life.

I loved David Bowie since I was 6 years old. I watched Labyrinth for the first time and was completely taken by Jareth, Bowie’s fantastically magical Goblin King. I’m so proud of myself of becoming so aware of such an artist at such a young age. I cherish this film until today and safely keep my collector’s DVD on a shelf in my room. I’m just now humming the song Dance Magic Dance as I write this post. Dance Bowie Dance!

When I heard Bowie died today I was in the middle of driving. My brother called to tell me. I kept quiet for 2 seconds and then started crying. The radio suddenly played Life on Mars, and there I was… crying again. I felt as if a huge chunk of my adolescence went away with him. Truly. I remember having the same feeling when Michael Jackson died, another musical corner stone in my life.

What can I say? I can’t believe he’s gone…

Someone posted on Facebook today that “David Bowie’s not dead… He’s just an absolute beginner somewhere else now”. I thought that was beautifully put.

I love you, David Bowie. You were a true master of your craft and the world will miss you.

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Dear Bloggers,

I found myself post-less on this fine past week and ask for your forgiveness. Before you get all angry and unfollow me, please let me explain… I promise, I’m very convincing!

(NOT AN EXCUSE) I got back from New York 2 months ago, and as I was busy adjusting to my home country and unemployed money-less life, I took it upon myself to further invest my time on blogging and doing my normal shit like watching T.V., people watching on my porch, binging on food and films and visiting my beloved grandma. After tiring attempts of job searching and resume sending, I finally found a job (congratulations? hmmm…). I started this Sunday (yes, we work on Sundays… shit!) and suddenly had to readjust all over again to working, getting up early and coming home late (by bus) life. A terrible thing happened and it seems I’ve lost my film watching abilities as all I’m busy doing is working and falling asleep in front of the T.V. I’m so ashamed. I never thought it would happen to me, but… it did. I’m officially a working adult now.

Today, I made a promise to myself I’m not going to give up and keep watching films like a maniac! It might just come to this, though…


Don’t get me wrong. I happy I found a job and be able to earn proper money and spend it all on shopping shopping shopping!


But I am also obligated to follow my true passion which is writing about films and sharing my thoughts with whomever is interested in reading them. Hopefully that’s you… 🙂

As it is still a Friday, and like any other Friday I’m dedicating a post to the one and only David Bowie, I figured this song would be highly appropriate for both this British legend and myself as it talks about…


I hope you all have a wonderful and sunny weekend full of ONLY positive changes!

Bowie Collaborations- it’s the Final Countdown

Bowie had collaborated with fellow artists and created famous duos over the years. I have dedicated this happy Friday to collect favorite ones and list my top 5. Not an easy thing to do as there are so many others I have left behind, however listing my top 100 is way too much for now.

Here are Sweet Archive’s top 5 Bowie collaborations:






David Bowie & Trent Reznor- I’m Afraid of Americans


I’m adding this lovely video and dedicate it to a special blogger. Enjoy, sweet Emma of emmakwall


Any other collaborations you think should be on this list? Feel free to drop a suggestion 🙂

Happy Friday, Wonderful bloggers!!

Flight of the Concords- Bowie

Before reading this please make sure you are equipped with a strong British accent and repeat this line: “Hello Bret, I’m 1972 David Bowie”.


This gem was introduced to me by AlexRaphael after sharing my grand love for David Bowie on one of my earlier posts, so thanks heaps, Alex! Really enjoyed watching this 🙂

Synopsis: Season 1, episode 6: Bret is having body issues after the band’s photo-shoot. He’s visited 3 times by the master of disguise, David Bowie, which gives him tips on how to overcome his problem. First dream: 1972 Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust tour, second dream: 1980’s Bowie from Ashes to Ashes video, and third dream: 1986 Bowie from the film Labyrinth.

Flight of the Concords are Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, a talented New Zealand based comic band trying to concur success in New York. To this brilliant duo also joins the awesome actor and comedian Rhys Darby as band manager Murray HewittKristen Schaal as the obsessive fan Mel, and Arj Barker as Dave.


This episode is simply brilliant! Along with hilarious text and extremely accurate imitations to Bowie’s changing image and baritone voice, it contains the song “Bowie’s in Space”, performed by the pair mimicking Bowie’s changing style and vocals in songs like “Let’s Dance”, “Changes”and “Space Oddity”. The song also features a short sequence taking place in outer space. This funny bunch have a way of displaying humor in a way that’s witty and clever which also got them an Emmy award for Best Comedy. I love this kind of humor. You can’t watch an episode and stay serious, even if it’s not really your type of humor. I mean, you gotta love them just for making a full episode on DAVID BOWIE!!

I’m sharing the link to the full episode if you fantastic bloggers wanna check it out and have a good weekend laugh. If it doesn’t work, I’m also attaching a YouTube link for a small taste. Have a funky funky good time.

Flight of the Concords- S1 Ep6

The Hunger (1983)

MV5BMjExNjM1NDM3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzU2OTY1Mw@@._V1_SX214_AL_A film directed by the late Tony Scott.

Miriam (Catherine Deneuve) is a vampire queen who lures her lovers into the dark side by promising them eternal youth. She is married to John (David Bowie), her companion for the last 200 years. Together they’re set to hunt their midnight pray. When John faces a strange disease which causes him to age rapidly, he convinces Miriam she should focus on finding his replacement. He later on discovers he was misled by his lover promising him of forever and ever… alas, it is forever living, but not forever youth. Sarah (Susan Sarandon)is a doctor who specializes in aging disorders. When John seeks her help he encounters rejection as she believes his mentally ill and doesn’t believe him. Realizing her mistake, she visits John’s house only to find sad Miriam expecting her. Unaware, Sarah is drawn to Miriam’s seductive and poised demeanor and finds herself in a steamy sexual encounter with this “woman”. She soon realizes she is to take John’s place as Miriam’s long-life companion.



I liked The Hunger for a few reasons:

1. I’m into sensual vampiric romances (Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, Only Lovers Left Alive…)

2. The film opens with a live performance by rock band Bauhaus singing “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”. This song is a milestone in the Gothic Rock history and very suitable for this carnivorous scene.

3. Catherine Deneuve is divine in this film, captivating with a classic Grace Kelly look, only cold and voracious.

4. The costumes designed by Milena Canonero, who collaborated also with Stanley Kubrick, are a perfectly stylish fit of the dark pop/ rock vibe of the film. Susan Sarandon’s metallic rain-coat is my favorite piece.

5. And David Bowie OBVIOUSLY!!!



There are, however, some things which have clouded upon my liking:

1. Due to John’s aging condition, his face was covered up to quickly with make-up and we lose sight of Bowie’s presence too soon.

2. The supposed film’s location is rainy New York when in fact it is rainy London only pretending to be rainy New York.

3. The film resembles a long 80’s music video rather than a film (I might move this up to my like list as I love 80’s music videos).

4. The sex scene between Deneuve and Sarandon is a little kitschy and predicted (I have a feeling many of you would disagree…).

5. Susan Sarandon’s make-up makes her look like a groggy rock-star.


I don’t think I would ever call The Hunger a classic. It is a cult film for vampire lovers, no doubt. Tony Scott made a career shift from making advertisements when shooting The Hunger. The film did not receive high praises from critics at the time and the film was considered to be a cinematic failure. What made The Hunger stand out through all those years was, no doubt, its divers and outstanding cast. Having changed small bits of it here and there, I believe Scott could have intensify the plot and immense the film’s success.  I highly recommend only if you’re a sworn Bowie fan or a vampire lover or have a fetish for female sex scenes.


My score:

2 and a half lollipops