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Flight of the Concords- Bowie

Before reading this please make sure you are equipped with a strong British accent and repeat this line: “Hello Bret, I’m 1972 David Bowie”.


This gem was introduced to me by AlexRaphael after sharing my grand love for David Bowie on one of my earlier posts, so thanks heaps, Alex! Really enjoyed watching this 🙂

Synopsis: Season 1, episode 6: Bret is having body issues after the band’s photo-shoot. He’s visited 3 times by the master of disguise, David Bowie, which gives him tips on how to overcome his problem. First dream: 1972 Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust tour, second dream: 1980’s Bowie from Ashes to Ashes video, and third dream: 1986 Bowie from the film Labyrinth.

Flight of the Concords are Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, a talented New Zealand based comic band trying to concur success in New York. To this brilliant duo also joins the awesome actor and comedian Rhys Darby as band manager Murray HewittKristen Schaal as the obsessive fan Mel, and Arj Barker as Dave.


This episode is simply brilliant! Along with hilarious text and extremely accurate imitations to Bowie’s changing image and baritone voice, it contains the song “Bowie’s in Space”, performed by the pair mimicking Bowie’s changing style and vocals in songs like “Let’s Dance”, “Changes”and “Space Oddity”. The song also features a short sequence taking place in outer space. This funny bunch have a way of displaying humor in a way that’s witty and clever which also got them an Emmy award for Best Comedy. I love this kind of humor. You can’t watch an episode and stay serious, even if it’s not really your type of humor. I mean, you gotta love them just for making a full episode on DAVID BOWIE!!

I’m sharing the link to the full episode if you fantastic bloggers wanna check it out and have a good weekend laugh. If it doesn’t work, I’m also attaching a YouTube link for a small taste. Have a funky funky good time.

Flight of the Concords- S1 Ep6

10 thoughts on “Flight of the Concords- Bowie

  1. Great post! I’ve just recently started getting into Flight of the Conchords and it’s brilliant stuff. Haven’t got to this episode yet but I should be soon.

    Have you seen the recent satirical vampire flick What We Do In The Shadows? It’s same guys involved and, for me, it was the best comedy of last year. Absolutely hilarious!


    1. Thanks Mark! I’m pretty sure you’ll love this episode if you liked the rest of their stuff! They’re awesome! I just watched a film starring Rhys Darby called Love Birds. Cute film. I love this guy. What We Do In The Shadows looks absolutely hilarious! I’ll watch it for sure. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!! 🙂


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