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“David Bowie Exhibition- How An Artist Became An Icon” Huffington Post


Based on previous posts of mine, I think it’s quite obvious I’m a HUGE Bowie fan. And as a HUGE fan, I also follow the “David Bowie (Official)” Facebook page. I came across this article from Huffington Post written by and about an opening of a new Bowie exhibition, and I quote: “David Bowie Is,” opening Tuesday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, contains more than 300 artifacts selected from an incredible 75,000 items Bowie had archived over the years. With a location-based headset, viewers can hear corresponding interviews, commentary and — of course — music as they move through the show, thanks to technology provided by exhibit sponsor Sennheiser.

I must go! I must be there! But how? I’m in NY, and this is the only time I’m actually sad I’m here.

The article mentioned Bowie providing all artifacts, costumes and notes to the exhibition, besides one plastic Grafton alto saxophone his mother gave him for Christmas in 1961. The curators had to use a replica. I thought it was an interesting enough fact to remember from the entire article. It’s another thing I didn’t know about my beloved singer and I thought it is such a beautiful and fragile memory of his mother.

David Bowie is truly the one and only for me, and there is no doubt he is one of a kind. His glam unorthodox performances, profoundly outrages costumes and outer space make-up, and thin long posture have made such an impact on every generation. Bowie simply spreads an inspiring stardust on everyone ’till this very day.

Enjoy the article!


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