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Cabaret- the Broadway Show


September 2 for 1 offer for Broadway tickets never felt better!

This last Sunday I went to see the Broadway show Cabaret with my friend Jasmine. We simultaneously made a last minute decision to get 2 tickets online, and boy oh boy, were we lucky. Ticket were sold out faster than an H&M blouse on a Black Friday, and every time I refreshed the site, one more was gone. Last day of the offer I had 2 tickets in my hand, good mezzanine seats and a good attitude. Roundabout Theater, here we come!

Jasmine and me… and Michelle Williams

I was oozing with excitement just by sitting there and watching the people take their seats. I couldn’t shut up about it and I think Jasmine was about to slap me silly. Like a 5 year old I sat there smiling and almost clapping with anticipation. I noticed a few dancers sitting/ dancing/ flexing on stage as I tried to lift my head. The safety bars were in the way, blocking my view a little, but never mind, there was no getting angry today. Those dancers were fucking flexible, let me tell you. I was like, “what the… how can she do that? It’s not anatomically possible!” Any-who, I was very impressed… me and and all 100 rows behind me. Curtains up, the show began, and I’m nicely tucked in my seat like a good girl, sneaking pics. It’s amazing what phones can do these days.

Michelle Williams and Alan Cumming were an absolute delight! They gave 200 percent and more. I can’t believe they’re doing this show everyday, sometimes twice a day. Unbelievable. It’s times like these that I make me realize how hard it is to be an actor. So much dedication and energy. One must be at their best at all times. Alan began the show dressed in a long leather jacket, combat boots and face full of make-up greeting the crowed with a sexy “Ladies and Gentlemen” in French, German and English. He’s awesome, love him! He mastered the Master of Ceremonies role, popping here and there in scenes you’d never think to fit him in, but what a great fit it was. Funny, witty, sexy and daring with a cheeky grin on his face. He was brilliant.  Michelle is amazing as Sally Bowels. Performance easily compared to Liza Minnelli’s in the 1972 film. Michelle is so young and yet so utterly talented. At first I couldn’t imagine her as the lively and impulsive Ms. Bowels, as she always takes on such dramatic roles with melancholy nature, but she completely took me by surprise. She fucking aced it! She came out with full throttle of burlesque numbers with her skinny legs covered in stockings and flapper dresses and a 20’s cute blonde hairdo… she won’t be easy to replace (beware Emma Stone).




I was overwhelmed when the show ended, standing up clapping and shedding a few tears.

After the show Jasmine and me raced to the back door, drooling for autographs from everyone. We got Michelle’s and Alan’s and a few others from the cast. We kept kudos-ing ourselves for the awesome decision, walking proudly down the street with our autographed Playbills and satisfaction. We quickly added some beers to it, which just increased our self contempt and made us both blabber non stop about Cabaret. We got silly slapped later on by some friends.

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