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I’m ready to NOT give a fuck! đź–•

This is, by far, the best gift ever! #MarkManson Now, here’s me. A person that tends to takes practically everything personally and worries over the shittiest things that don’t deserve an ounce of my attention. But, these shitty insignificant matters somehow find a way in and suck the energy out of me, and I can’t…… Continue reading I’m ready to NOT give a fuck! đź–•

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Introducing Liam Brandon Murray

Ok… I saw this awesome post on my Facebook wall the other day and thought it was absolutely amazingly macabre. I’m taking a slight detour from films today and flipping over to fashion and costume couture. As a former costume designer and an advocate of all things strange and unusual, passing on this Facebook gem…… Continue reading Introducing Liam Brandon Murray

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Happy New Year, Everyone! Bring on the confetti, campaign, and festivities – 2 days to go! As we bid 2017 farewell, It’s time to make a joyful entry into 2018 with this cool blogathon hosted by Movie Movie Blog Blog – Choosing “any movie that has any kind of theme related to the last day of the…… Continue reading Four Rooms – THE HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOGATHON!

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Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 2

Part 2, straight up! FernGully: The Last Rainforest “But trees give life. They make the clouds, the water, the air.” Crysta All it takes is a whimsical animation, an enchanting musical score and a moral lesson to bewitch me. And that is exactly what FerGully is – magical. This one also goes straight in to my…… Continue reading Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 2

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Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 1

Remember your favorite movies and TV shows growing up? TV was great, especially during summer breaks and holidays. I used to be hooked on shows like The Fresh Prince and Degrassi, Heartbreak High and Beverly Hills 90210… those were the days! I used to frantically rent the Marry Poppins video every Friday, borrow Grease from…… Continue reading Movies & TV Shows That Made My Childhood Awesome – Part 1


Looking Forward to…

Hey there! For those of you not working on Sundays I wanna say TAKE ME WITH YOU! Here in Israel, we do work on Sundays and it’s usually a draggg… Today, it took me about 40 minutes to get out of bed, convince myself that this is all for the best and that routine is…… Continue reading Looking Forward to…

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Genre Grandeur – The Hateful Eight (2015) – Moody Moppet

Originally posted on MovieRob:
For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Western Crossover Movies, here’s a review of The Hateful Eight (2015) – by Reut of Moody Moppet Thanks again to Kira of Film and TV 101  for choosing this month’s genre. Next month’s Genre has been chosen by Ashleigh of The Movie…

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The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

Happy Halloween! What’s better than to post about something particularly Goth today? Well, folks, you’ll be happy to know that I have just finished reading The Picture of Dorian Grey and it made me reflect upon my own life and how fun-deprived they are. #toomuchwork TMI? Too sad? Oh, well… isn’t what the blogosphere’s all about?…… Continue reading The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

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The Horrorathon – The Raven (1963)

maddy loves her classic films has announced her Horrorathon a month ago (I’m guessing for Halloween) and I thought I’d pick a Vincent Price film I haven’t seen yet for the occasion. The Raven (1963) seemed like a good choice because I was always fascinated with Edgar Allan Poe’s work and Vincent Price is one…… Continue reading The Horrorathon – The Raven (1963)

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The Black Cat (1934) – The Great Breening Blogathon!

Today I’m joining Tiffany from pure entertainment preservation society (PEPS) in her first and awesome blogathon centered around October 14, which is  TODAY, and also the 129th birthday of Joseph I. Breen, the head of the Production Code Administration. My film choice is from an era before the Breen Production Code was actually carried out and I explained,…… Continue reading The Black Cat (1934) – The Great Breening Blogathon!