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Genre Grandeur – The Hateful Eight (2015) – Moody Moppet

It’s been a while… but I’m always up for one of MovieRob’s GGs. This time the movie genre was awesome and chosen by Kira of Film and TV 101. Here’s my entry 🙂


For this month’s next review for Genre Grandeur – Western CrossoverMovies, here’s a review of The Hateful Eight (2015) – by Reut of Moody Moppet

Thanks again to Kira of Film and TV 101  for choosing this month’s genre.

Next month’s Genre has been chosen by Ashleigh of The Movie Oracle and it is Spoof/ParodyMovies.

Please get me your submissions by the 25th of November by sending them to

Try to think out of the box! Great choice Ashleigh!

Let’s see what Reut thought of this movie:


The Hateful Eight (2015) – Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur

Howdy, partners!

First off, thanks to Movie Rob and Kira of Film and TV 101 for choosing this great Western Crossover genre. I happily chose an all-time-favorite of mine, a nice little delicacy called The Hateful Eight, directed by Quentin Tarantino. But I guess you knew that already.


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6 thoughts on “Genre Grandeur – The Hateful Eight (2015) – Moody Moppet

    1. No, i haven’t actually… But i really need to catch up on some. You did, however, inspire me to find this little Youtube thing.

      It’s The Avengers as The Hateful Eight.


  1. (Whispering)…I still haven’t seen this one but it has been on my list for ages. But don’t tell anyone. He he. Seriously, I’m so overdue to watch this. Judging by the movies you and I both seem to like, I’ll probably enjoy The Hateful Eight

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    1. I do believe you would. It’s failry low paced but worth every minute ’till the end!! And actually… Come to think of it… It took me a while to watch it too so you’re not alone in this ;-)) LMK what you thought about it 😊

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