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Director: Louis C.K. 82 min’


I get rather board lately. I’m not really sure where all this drowsiness comes from, but I can’t stand it anymore. I had to provide myself with proper entertainment to snap out of it. I decided I needed a good laugh. I need to crack up and piss my pants. That would surely snap me out of that coma I’m in. As my usual self, I turned on my computer straight into Netflix webpage and played Louis C.K.‘s Hilarious. A stand-up concert by the white guy himself, talking about Jews and dead people, exploring single-hood after 40, and describing the mysteries of being a parent. Hilarious it was!!!

First let me start by saying I’m usually not the comedy club kind of gal. I love a good sense of humor, but rarely find one that fits. I shamelessly never gave Louis C.K. a chance, although I got constant recommendations from friends. “You have to watch him, he’s HILARIOUS!!” They were right, but most of you already knew that… late bloomer I am.

So, back to the show… It started off with the whole subject of “Dead People”, when most memorable ones were Ray Charles and Hitler… and that’s about it. After that he had gracefully moved on to the next subject of “Being Single Again”, when he mostly claims that it SUCKS. I agree. I was mostly cracking up from the parenting play-date bits, “Other People’s Kids”. I am not a mother myself, but I occasionally babysit and have the pleasure of passing hours with parents/ nannies (or other kids, for that matter) I have nothing in common with. That’s always delightful. Or when he was talking about his two daughters, the 7 and 3 year old from  A DADDY point of view… ’cause men just don’t know what to do! And that “Lisa cunt…” that just killed me right on the spot.

Now, it’s obvious to me that what I’m writing right now goes totally against the concept of the “Hilarious” bit, when Louis C.K. kindly explained the exaggerated usage of words, like “amazing” in his “The Way We Talk (Hilarious)” bit, as I just used “crack, kill, piss my pants” which is no better. I’m aware of that, but I don’t care. It was THAT funny.

HILARIOUS was created, directed and edited by Louis CK. It was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and later on won Primetime Emmy Awards on 2011.

I have managed to shake off my writer’s block and total boredom situation (hence, I’m writing this post) because of this sexy fat red headed GENIUS. Don’t laugh, but I actually think he’s very sexy… Thank you, Loui!

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