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Jane’s Addiction & Devo @ CBGC 2014 festival

I love this city! Only in New York can a girl rock out to Devo and Jane’s Addiction in Times Square and totally for free (except for the Starbucks I had to chug in between). Every time I’m having my weekend sneak peak at Time Out New York I am amazed to discover I have somehow missed another entertaining jem or a festive tribute of some sort. Last time it was Global Citizen festival in Central Park, and it took me 3 days to recover the fact I had missed it. I was so bummed and felt like I needed to make amends. This time I thoroughly checked every inch of that magazine for I cannot spare 3 more days of sorrow and regret. So, on a very rainy Saturday night I gave it a go and to my surprise there’s been a CBGC annual film& music festival going on the whole week, and luckily I caught it right before it had ended. Sunday was the last day, and to honorably conclude the event there were free performances by Devo, Robert DeLong, and the almighty Jane’s Addiction. To good to be true!

Devo went on first. Ohio’s finest wearing their classic yellow uniform and red energy dome hats, rocking it hard on stage. Cult song “Whip It” finally came when singer Mark Mothersbaugh started throwing a few of those hats at an especially enthusiastic audience. I couldn’t catch one unfortunately as it was never thrown at my direction obviously. What a great souvenir it would have been… Shortly after came “Girl You Want” which I mostly recall from the 1995 film “Tank Girl“, only slightly remixed. The band ended up blazing their guitars on stage only wearing black shorts and t-shirts. It was fun and yet a little weird seeing them trying to revive their 80’s act all over again. The show took a bizarre turn when again Mark Mothersbaugh put on a striped pajamas and a rubber mask shaped like a ginger British boy, and started babbling lyrics with a high pitched voice. I noticed people around looking at each other wondering what on earth he’s on about. Mmm… Regardless, it was a good performance and a defiantly first one for me, so no complaints!

Robert DeLong gave an excellent performance. I actually never heard of him before, but was really impressed by his instrumental multi talent abilities. He pumped the stage while the back of it was being prepared for Jane’s Addiction who were coming up next.

6:25pm and there they were walking on stage with all their glory. I first heard Perry Farrell’s tenor voice and I was ecstatic. I could not believe I was about to see one of my high school favorite band ever!!! Woohoo! I forgot I’m sick, I forgot I was tired, all I cared about was getting a good view and making sure I see Perry full body at least once… and Dave Navarro, of course. What a tattooed stud he is and a fucking amazing guitar player. Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking song was quite the show when 2 exotic dancers were kinda nurturing the whole S&M idea with each other. Needless to say I was waiting for “Jane Says“, as it is by far one of the best melodic songs ever performed by Jane’s Addiction. That song is just…. alas, the band did a somewhat mediocre job at it.

Perry was high as a kite spending 8 min’ on stage cursing New York corporate money makers and also mayor Bill DeBlasio which felt a little too much at some point. He kept saying it was Friday (it was actually Sunday) and I quote: “It’s Friday and I want you to suck my dick”. Haha, what an amazing jackass.

Jane’s Addiction finished off with “Stop!” from their second studio album “Ritual de lo habitual” when 2 flying girls were thrown back and forth hung from their skins. A troubling sight not many of us could bear. Oh my gosh, the things people do!!!

To conclude, Jane’s Addiction gave a good show, or should I say a spectacle. They made me feel bad I didn’t exist when the real CBGB club was operating (although someone behind me said it was quite the shit hole). Never the less, I still fantasize about it. Well, I bought a t-shirt, so at least that. As sick and tired as I was that weekend, I went and enjoyed the hell out of myself and was so proud and couldn’t wait to tell everyone back home, especially my brother. He’s a fan too. The only thing I regret the most is not having my camera with me, and compromise for my slow as fuck I-Phone 4. I managed to pull of a few good photos out of the old fucker anyway. I asked a guy that was standing next to me if he could send me some of his photos and he was kind enough to say yes.

Thank you Elvis Cole for your awesome photos!!!


unnamed (2)

unnamed (5)

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