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The ‘Burbs (1989)

It was a nice and quiet neighborhood… Director: Joe Dante I haven’t seen the film lately, but it’s one that I know so well (I proudly own the DVD). I stopped counting how many times I’ve seen it… it’s really useless. My cousin says it’s pathetic already. What can I do? This film is just great! It’s…… Continue reading The ‘Burbs (1989)

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Director: Louis C.K.,  82 min’ I get rather board lately. I’m not really sure where all this drowsiness comes from, but I can’t stand it anymore. I had to provide myself with proper entertainment to snap out of it. I decided I needed a good laugh. I need to crack up and piss my pants.…… Continue reading HILARIOUS (2010)

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Har Mar Superstar concert

a friend highly recommended me to go see Har Mar Superstar. sent me a link to his performance, and said i have to go, and that i’ll be happy i did. i clicked on Google to check him out and saw a short figured guy, with a funny looking hair and belly popping out, singing…… Continue reading Har Mar Superstar concert

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I’m So Excited!

hit play and read the post!   going to the movies is my weekly treat here in New York City. the only thing that makes me feel good and relaxed. well, i think you might have guessed that by now… i went to see this one a while back, actually. i just thought…… Continue reading I’m So Excited!