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I love you, dear blogs.

Heya! It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve missed writing on here deeply. There’s no excuse, really, but yeah… blogging hiatus happens to us all, doesn’t it? Well, I still do visit the blogosphere every now and then and come across some awesome posts I just love reading. They’re a well-deserved break…… Continue reading I love you, dear blogs.

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The Text Message That Ruined it All!

One of the common tactics in online dating sites is reexamining a person’s profile over and over again, for a better assessment in finding THE ONE or just someone, I guess. It’s completely logical and acceptable, but when someone’s reevaluating you after many back and forth messaging and an amazing phone conversation you were sure is…… Continue reading The Text Message That Ruined it All!

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Har Mar Superstar concert

a friend highly recommended me to go see Har Mar Superstar. sent me a link to his performance, and said i have to go, and that i’ll be happy i did. i clicked on Google to check him out and saw a short figured guy, with a funny looking hair and belly popping out, singing…… Continue reading Har Mar Superstar concert