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The Text Message That Ruined it All!

Not My Phone 🙂

One of the common tactics in online dating sites is reexamining a person’s profile over and over again, for a better assessment in finding THE ONE or just someone, I guess. It’s completely logical and acceptable, but when someone’s reevaluating you after many back and forth messaging and an amazing phone conversation you were sure is going to initiate a date, which it almost did, and then changes his mind and even more so, completely ignores you, it can really hurt your ego and confidence for at least 48 hours.

From the beginning.

I’m not naive. I know most people love to recheck a person’s exterior before committing to a date of whatever nature, be it a one night stand, short or long term dating or marriage. Is she hot enough? Is he going to waste my time? All sorts of questions rise up and it basically never ends. But… I guess I am naive after all. When a guy sends me loads of messages, asks for my number, has a super cool convo with me and asks me out saying he’s curious to meet me, I tend to take him seriously. I even nurture some expectations and get excited about meeting him. I have “naive” written all over me, ah?

I read too much into this, obviously.

A few hours after our cool phone talk, this dude decided to send me another text asking me to send him my picture. Said it might be a bit of a superficial request, but just in case, he wants to see more. Mind you, I have pictures on my dating profile, about 3 or 4 pictures on which I’m fully clothed, but you can still see my face and figure very clearly. Not too shabby, I may humbly add. But he asked. I offered Facebook, plenty of pics on there. He declined. I said I don’t have anything else to send. He sounded disappointed. I finally sent him a good picture I took of me and a friend on a party, not before I asked for his pic, though.


And… that was that. He didn’t write back. I had a strong feeling I’m never going to hear from him again.

Got sucked into a fucked up scenario again.

I texted “let’s be Facebook friends meanwhile”. Mind you, we set a date for next night, and this guy decided to read my texts and completely ignore me. Needless to say, there was NO date.

He disappeared.

Gone with the wind. Wooooooooosh.

Just… like… that.

What’s a girl to do? Naturally, I was disappointed and did my fair share of cursing him, not to his face, but I wish I could say what I think to his face. Oh, man.

giphy (7)

Perhaps I’ve experienced too many dates, and sometimes this whole idea makes me so sick. Where are you, Mr. Right? I think I’ve kissed way too many frogs. Come the f$%^&k on!!

Meanwhile… BREAK!!!

Until next time, folks.


10 thoughts on “The Text Message That Ruined it All!

    1. It’s the truth. You’ve always been a great supporter and friend of mine. Time for me to repay the favour. And remember, your presence is welcome on both my blogs.

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  1. Well, in a way it’s nice that he let his true colours show before you’d invested any more time in him. He sounds like a loser. Unfortunately it sounds like there are a few too many like him on the internet. It requires a lot of patience and some real detective work to sort through them all. But I know a lot of people for whom this has worked so I guess if you can hang in there, you should. You’re too terrific/

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    1. Thank you so much, Jay! :-))) I decided to take a little break for now. Cleanse and detox for the sake of my sanity 🙂 I will dive in the dating pool at some point again, though… It’s unavoidable when you’re on the hunt for that special someone.


  2. hang in there… it’ll happen.

    עדיף לגלות כבר עכשיו שהוא ככה מאשר לגלות אחרי שהשקעת אפילו יותר זמן וחשק בעניין!

    I dated 80 women before I met my first wife which ended in divorce after less than 2 years. It then took me 8 more choices before I found my current wife and we have been happily together for 8 years (7 married)

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    1. wow! אתה כל כך צודק!!!
      Great to hear there’s hope out there still. 80 women?? That’s crazy! Pretty sure I’m there already. But, that’s exactly it. You can never be too sure. I’m not giving up just yet, though. Thanks Rob. Your experience really makes me feel very positive about dating. I’m glad you found love again 🙂

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