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Sinful Meal

I know I’m usually posting movies & music reviews, but after thinking about it for so long, I decided to give other aspects of my life a chance 🙂
I love doing so many things like Tap dancing, eating, sewing, making artsy things, decorating, making jokes, and so on, and I need to share this with you, NEED TO. I’m a movie buff, no doubt, but I don’t think I’d enjoy TV without

I’m a movie buff, no doubt, but I don’t think I’d enjoy TV without blending other interests in my life. What good is watching a movie without feeling restful and well deserved to watch a movie after having a long day of work and hobbies? That’s what I say, anyway.

And so, here’s my first non-movie/music post, well rinsed in sweet flavors and loads of calories. Enjoy!

Picture by tamarlahav via Instagram

I have looked straight into the devil’s eyes yesterday while consuming a calorie-packed delight that goes by the name of Eggs Benedict & Oreo pancakes.

Warm buns with sweet Jam and Nutella spreads for starters, followed by a glorified main course of Oreo pancakes filled with gushing warm chocolate when slicing the stack in half. Drops of maple syrup saying hello while I’m taking a big pleasurable bite. Fork and knife are working like crazy, cutting crunchy Brioche bread covered in egg yolk and slices of bacon. A cup of cappuccino to wash the food down. All hell broke loose right then and there.

There were three of us in this gluttonous feast, my brother’s girlfriend, my sister and myself, craving for a full-fat dinner after a daunting shopping spree in Ikea.

The holidays are on which means everyone and their mother was at Ikea. Battling masses of shopping carts and this close to picking fights with worn-out parents and screaming kids we decided we had enough. We just wanted to get the hell outta there and decided a proper compensation is very much deserved. We knew where we were headed – Benedict! Yeah, baby, big eyes, full stacks of pies and a whole lot of cries (after). Kidding. We actually didn’t give a flying fudge about the calories. My sister came up with the idea when all three of us easily agreed this was a great day for “cheating”.

Off we went!

40372_680x382Benedict is a chain of Israeli chef restaurants that offer a rich menu of breakfasts from all over the world – New York, Mexico, UK Israel, you name it. They are mostly known for their Florentine style Eggs Benedict served with creamed spinach, onions, and nutmeg. Relish.

We took a table outside, eagerly ordered and patiently waited. We welcomed our food with open arms. While attending to my own dish, I couldn’t help but stare at my sister’s plate as both plates looked so damn good. And so, we shared. No way we could have walked away satisfied if we didn’t. This is one of those “grass is always greener” situations, you know? Pancakes or eggs, eggs or pancakes. Hmmm… BOTH.

10,000 crunchy bites, 2,000 long coffee sips, and one stomachache later, I was about to explode, not to mention my Self-consciousness worked over time.

“Is either one of us gonna wake up feeling bad about this tomorrow?” My sister asked. Well… (burp), but heck, you only live once, right?

12 thoughts on “Sinful Meal

  1. I’m a fairly new Alternative music and culture blogger based in India. Here’s my latest blog post which is about the dynamics of the alt scene in music and top 30 curated alt tracks of 2017. It’ll be great to have a few of you take a look at it and give me your opinions and suggestions. (Not exactly music criticism, more of a celebration)

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  2. Eggs Benedict is one of my favourite breakfasts, although when I make my own it never looks anything like the one you enjoyed. I just had a quick look at the Benedict website; “inspired by the restaurants in SoHo in New York, with a European touch.” Fingers crossed they’ll open a branch in Manchester in the not too distant future!

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