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Film Club: Pan’s Labyrinth

Presenting this month’s Film Club’s amazing choice made by Cara of Silver Screen Serenade. Pan’s Labyrinth is an amazing film to review. it’s films like these that make me glad I joined this awesome club. Thanks again to Kieron of what about the twinkie? for this brilliant opportunity!!! 🙂

what about the twinkie


Despite a few delays, Film Club has returned for April with a film that has perhaps tested a few members in regards to watching something outside of their comfort zone. Pan’s Labyrinth is the Spanish language fairytale from director Guillermo del Toro, and is one of the more unique films that Film Club has had the pleasure of reviewing.

This months film was chosen by Cara from Silver Screen Serenade. As always, Cara’s reason for choosing this months film are listed below, followed by each members thoughts. Enjoy.

When Kieron asked me about picking a film for this month’s Film Club, I was at first a little overwhelmed. I had my choice of all of the movies. ALL OF THEM. Like, woah. But I thought things over, and I narrowed it down to films that really had an impact on me, then films that I haven’t had a chance to…

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9 thoughts on “Film Club: Pan’s Labyrinth

  1. I think it’s Del Toro’s ability to balance everything in the movie that makes it such a lovely work. Sadness, happiness, fear and relief; all mixed together in the most touching way possible.

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    1. Exactly. Pan’s Labyrinth is a bundle of emotions and an excellent fantasy. I need to check out other films by this director pronto. He’s really very good!


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