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The Paperboy (2012)


The Paperboy is an American thriller that tells the story of an investigative reporter, Ward Jansen (Matthew McConaughey) and his younger brother, Jack Jansen(Zac Efron) who investigate a local sheriff’s murder and get caught up in a middle of some dangerous business involving a vivacious woman who wishes to help (Nicole Kidman) and a death row criminal (John Cusack). The story’s told by the Jansen’s family maid, Anita (Macy Grey).

I remember the first time I watched The Paperboy I felt slightly overwhelmed by many scenes. It does not spare on sex scenes with Nicole letting out a loud moan or two, and not on violent ones either. This film is quite daring, to put it mildly, and doesn’t necessarily has a point in the end, but as I was told before, a good film doesn’t always need a point, it can simply tell a story. So I guess this is one of them story telling only kinda films. The cast is brilliantly assembled here, however submitted to a mediocre plot. It’s hard to ignore such a film when so many familiar faces appear in it. It seems promising, especially when including  name like Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack. Nicole is a trashy Barbie doll using all of her sexual wiles, Matthew is an ambitious scarred reporter with truly truly bad skin, and John is a sweaty greasy psychopath on death row. All humanly flawed characters perfectly portrayed by Lee Daniels’ directorial talent. Efron takes a giant step away from his pretty boy teen image with this film. He gives away an entirely new side of his acting abilities and proves himself worthy next to the big players.


The Paperboy is a film that needs not to be taken for granted. It’s extremely surprising as the plot contains many twists and turns which compensate the fact that there’s no real point to the film. It’s no surprise that the film received mixed reviews among critics out there, and was known to be “Trashy and melodramatic” by Critics Consensus. I would say the plot is questionable but sometimes surprising, the cast is brilliant and the film is overall just OK.

My score:

2 and a half lollipops

23 thoughts on “The Paperboy (2012)

  1. REUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HA HA – this movie… so weird…. everyone playing against type and all of that… I suppose it was good enough. I probably could have done without the jizz in your pants scene….



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    1. You know, I always wonder how the hell they do that with those sex scenes in front of other actors. I mean, this it’s a little embarrassing… isn’t it? Well, that’s why I’m not an actress. Thank you so much, Eric. This is a pretty weird film… #hugeFridaysmoooooooooochtoyoutoo

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  2. I was intrigued by this movie when it came out but never got around to watching it. Looks like I wasn’t missing much, but I do love Nicole Kidman (mostly because she’s a redhead and us redheads have to stick together) so I might give this a go.

    Great review!

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    1. Thank you!! I have to say I actually preferred Nicole as a redhead. Ever since she turned blonde something went slightly wrong. Where are those massive curls? Hope you’ll enjoy the film 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Vinnie!!! I’m very honored once again and will comment properly on your blog. Glad you liked my review. It’s really an ok film but if you do watch it, I hope you’ll find it entertaining ☺☺☺

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