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In the Cut (2003)

Dear Paul of Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies honored me with being his first guest blogger and review a Meg Ryan film called “In the Cut”. An interesting and different (erotic) Ryan choice indeed. Paul’s awesome blog mainly focuses on films starring the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer and America’s sweetheart Meg Ryan, and I highly advise you…… Continue reading In the Cut (2003)

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The Paperboy (2012)

The Paperboy is an American thriller that tells the story of an investigative reporter, Ward Jansen (Matthew McConaughey) and his younger brother, Jack Jansen(Zac Efron) who investigate a local sheriff’s murder and get caught up in a middle of some dangerous business involving a vivacious woman who wishes to help (Nicole Kidman) and a death row criminal (John…… Continue reading The Paperboy (2012)

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Curly Times On the Big Screen

As a proud owner of a big curly head, I have decided to dedicate an especially stylish post today for curls in cinema. Over the years I had seen some inspirational hairdos on T.V and some wacky ones too. I’ve collected a few photos from several films I love watching, me and my big hair,…… Continue reading Curly Times On the Big Screen