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meathead march blogathonFor today’s first review of Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), here’s Reut from Sweet Archive with her thoughts on it.

Thanks Reut! תודה רבה רבה


On one of my visits to MovieRob’s awesome blog I discovered Meathead March Blogathon dedicated to Director Rob Reiner, and as a meathead fan, I jumped in and declared my review choices. Here we go!

Ghosts of Mississippi (1996)

Based on a true story. Jackson, Mississippi, 1963. Civil rights leader Medger Evers is shot in the back by one Byron De La Beckwith (James Woods), a white extremist. For over 25 Myrlie Evers (Whoopi Goldberg), futilely Attempts to bring De La Beckwith to conviction with no success due to false jury. In 1989 Myrile is determined to bring justice to her husband’s death for the third time and gets the attention and committed involvement of assistant district attorney Bobby DeLaughter (

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4 thoughts on “Meathead March – Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) – Sweet Archive

  1. I’ve seen similar films such as Mississippi Burning and A Time To Kill, but I’ve never even heard of this one. Surprising considering the calibre of the cast!

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