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Meathead March – Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) – Sweet Archive

Originally posted on MovieRob:
For today’s first review of Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), here’s Reut from Sweet Archive with her thoughts on it. Thanks Reut! תודה רבה רבה ? ? On one of my visits to MovieRob’s awesome blog I discovered Meathead March Blogathon dedicated to Director Rob Reiner, and as a meathead fan, I…

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Stephen King’s Top 10 Movie Adaptations

As a child I used to indulge myself with weird entertainment such as: odd films, scary books with ghoulish creatures, spooky castles, murder stories, and haunted forests. I guess it’s kind of obvious from my previous posts I am still very much into the macabre world. I went through junior high binging the entire book…… Continue reading Stephen King’s Top 10 Movie Adaptations