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American Sniper (2014)

It’s a Friday, but this is not a Bowie post!

I mentioned before I’m not into action films, however this one managed to knock my socks off! Well, it’s an action film blended with plenty of good drama. I can’t remember the last time I felt so shaken up by a film and thought about it for so long after watching it.


American Sniper tells the tragic story of Chris Kyle, a young Navy SEAL sniper with high determination to save lives from the deadly hands of al-Qaeda. A master at his work Kyle becomes famous for his kills, 160 in total, during his service on the battle fields and is referred to as “Legend”. Returning to his loving family after four tours in Iraq all detached and confused he realizes some things cannot be left behind.

I’ll begin with praising Bradley Cooper for his spectacular performance as Chris Kyle. A few extra pounds and a serious yet humanistic demeanor no doubt facilitate Kyle’s character both as a soldier and a family man, and Cooper aced this roll. I can’t think of anyone better suiting to play this excellent part. Sienna Miller was wonderful as Kyle’s wife, Taya, and looked absolutely stunning as a brunette. I’m less familiar with the rest of the cast, but all pulled off such an authentic acting which altogether strengthen the solidarity of the story.


The film contains some bothering scenes. Blood sheds and killings are never easy to watch. However you see things from the eyes of a young soldier, whom with all his acquired glory continues to self battle and tries to balance family life with army life. The shooting angles are brilliant, covering intense war zone images from both close range and high angle shots, creating a perfect build up for the following scenes. The screenplay written by Jason Hall, whom you probably remember from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is very well put together and was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.


I read on Wikipedia that at least three directors were up for directing this film, Steven Spielberg included. It was eventually given to Clint Eastwood after Spielberg dropped out. It appears that Warner Bros. did not have enough budget to fulfill Spielberg’s dream film. I don’t really know what was his exact vision, but I do know Clint Eastwood created a masterpiece, regardless of the mixed reviews the film received. I decided to leave my political views behind as I entered the theater. I’m simply looking at it as a film, and a good one it is.

My score:

5 lolipop rating


21 thoughts on “American Sniper (2014)

  1. Meanwhile, we’re doing one of those annoying awards thingies over at our blog. Don’t feel obligated, but a big thanks for always stopping by. Much appreciated.

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  2. great review Reut!

    Loved this movie because it felt so patriotic and wasnt making a statement about the war itself but rather how it affects the men and women who fight it (both the good and the bad)

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    1. תודה גם לך! בפעם הראשונה שראיתי את זה לא ידעתי את הסוף אז הגיע ממש בהפתעה. מאד נזהרתי במה שכתבתי כדי לא להרוס לאף אחד כי זה חלק מהכח של הסרט. Glad we agree on that ; )

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    1. I don’t get out to the movies very often because I don’t particularly like crowds or anyone sitting that close to me… I DO plan on going to the movies next Friday if It Follows is released here : )


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