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Deeply Unsettling

Playlists of Psychopaths Movies have tricked us. They made us believe that Classical music and psychopaths are strongly intertwined, when in fact, it’s actually R&B and Hip Hop that scratch that psychotic itch. Perhaps I’m tapping this perplexing news piece a bit late – The Guardian and Independent already covered this on September 2017 -…… Continue reading Deeply Unsettling

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It Is What It Is- Blood Orange

It’s time to contribute to my Music Archive! Some songs can catch you at the right moment. The perfect background music for the mood your’e in. On one of my many New York City strolls, I entered this gallery in Soho. It seemed interesting and artsy enough so I thought why not check it out. I gazed at…… Continue reading It Is What It Is- Blood Orange

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Summer Blink

It’s winter time… but I have a “Summer Blink” in my eyes… I think everyone should have a pep song. A song that would lift you up when harder times occur, when you’ve lost confidence and gained nothing but mistrust towards yourself. A song that would keep you going when nothing else will, and be a…… Continue reading Summer Blink