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Numb (2016)

A short film directed by Penelope Lawson, Numb tells the story of a young woman who’s in the wake of tragedy struggles to find an emotional connection, leading her into a dark world of promiscuity. A great 10 min’ film set in New York City that begins with a woman sitting in a bar asking for a stranger to fuck her.…… Continue reading Numb (2016)

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Simple Mind (2012)

  I do believe this is the shortest film I ever reviewed. A 7:22 min’ thriller about a man who discovers his inner dark fantasies while in a therapy session. I love me a good thriller, especially ones that deals with sick twisted minds. Severe psychotic disorder in its correct medical term, or simply people who are completely…… Continue reading Simple Mind (2012)

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Here Lies Joe (2016)

23 min’ – Short Comic Drama Director: Mark Battle A Sweven Films production directed by Mark Battle, Here Lies Joe tells the story of a depressed man named Joe, who meets a lively and capricious young woman named Z at a support group. The film begins with the noise of a duct tape tearing, later on followed by…… Continue reading Here Lies Joe (2016)