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Simple Mind (2012)



I do believe this is the shortest film I ever reviewed. A 7:22 min’ thriller about a man who discovers his inner dark fantasies while in a therapy session.

I love me a good thriller, especially ones that deals with sick twisted minds. Severe psychotic disorder in its correct medical term, or simply people who are completely intertwined with their impaired thoughts and emotions that they lose touch with reality. It’s always so fascinating to see the extent of their deranged mentality, chopping off human bodies or just weirdly staring into space and drooling about it with pure lust. Freaky. And so our lovely protagonist Bob is one of those disturbed individuals who succumbs to his dark thoughts about a girl he likes and follows home with a cute pair of pink furry slippers and a creepy smile.

Directed by Phill Newsom, Simple Mind is a well-made short film with fine acting and a surprising ending.

The story’s not so new. A man develops an obsession with a girl he allegedly works with and claims they have so much in common and he can’t wait to do all sorts of things with her (or to her) and as his eyes widen as his thoughts darken and you know the girl’s pretty much doomed. Great plot. Bob is played by Timothy J. Cox and the girl, Samantha, by Kristi McCarson. Timothy’s the guy that asked me to review Simple Mind and other shorts I’ve recently covered and I truly thank him for doing so. It won’t be the reason of me complementing his acting, though. I think he executed (no pun intended) Bob’s character pretty accurately. I watched his other films but this one was the first I saw of him in the lead.

Other than the acting which truly contributed to my liking of the film, the camera shooting angles were awesome as well. Nothing like a twisted camera shot for illustrating a troubled soul.

I have a soft spot for the location. Simple Mind was shot in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. I just recently spent two valuable years living in Forest Hills and have so many great memories from that place and seeing that this is where they filmed made me proud as I thought I recognized some spots there. Ha! I miss Forest Hills.

Here’s a link for Simple Mind. Great shorty with a twist (haha).

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