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Femme Fatale- for Vinnie…

Here’s another post dedication for a fellow blogger mostly known for his brilliance for writing great posts, his reviewing in the nude and his grand love for beautiful women. As a committed follower I often educate myself when reading Vinnie‘s supreme lingual and descriptive writing and enjoy his posts immensely. This talented blogger often dedicates beautiful men and women pictures to his fellow bloggers, and so I thought why not dedicate this alluring bunch to him? He is so deserving… 🙂 So here’s to you, Sir, for always being such an amazing blogger, and my grand apologies for being fashionably late with my dedication.

Without any further ado, I would like to present this fabulous ensemble of gorgeous femme fatals especially for Vinnie!



The voluptuous Brigitte Bardot
Film: Le Mépris (1963)



The alluring Catherine Deneuve
Film: Belle de Jour (1967)



The luscious Emmanuelle Béart
Film: Natalie (2003)



 The angelic Vanessa Paradis
Film: Girl on the Bridge (1999)



The beautiful Vahina Giocante

Film: Lila Says (2004)



The bewitching Eva Green
Film: The Dreamers (2003)



The gorgeous Marine Vacth
Film: Young & Beautiful (2013)



There are plenty others to add to this list, but these ones have made a erasable mark on French cinema with their femme fatal captivating roles. All these women are blessed with immense beauty and talent, from old-school legends such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve to modern stars like Vanessa Paradis, Eva Green and Marine Vacth. Their names are praised by writers and fashion magazines which often pay a homage to these iconic French vixens.

So vinnie, what do you think? Good? Great? awesome?

I do hope you’ll enjoy this and I wish you a wonderful and blissful week!


40 thoughts on “Femme Fatale- for Vinnie…

    1. HA!!!! : )))))))))))))))


      ) : )

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  1. I love this post so much. So many beautiful women, I feel so appreciated. Your eye for beautiful photos is amazing sister. This post has really made my day and I’m sending you in the style of Eric big smooches for this wonderful piece of work.

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