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Film Club: Heat (1995)

Once again I had the pleasure of reviewing a film for whataboutthetwinkie‘s Film Club. This month’s suggestion is Heat (1995) made by Ryan of tenstarsorless, and what a challenging one it was… for me anyways. I needed to shift gears here as action films are not really my thing and found it to be somewhat refreshing. Here’s my review of this engrossing crime film. Hope you enjoy it.

what about the twinkie


Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, Film Club was delayed from its original publication date of 8 February, so I must apologise for that. Now everything is back on track, it is time to move ahead and look at this months entry, Heat. Ryan from Ten Stars or Less had the dubious honour of picking March’s Film Club entry. Below are his reasons for doing so, followed by each members take on the LA crime drama. Enjoy.

“When I joined Film Club in December 2013, I thought it was an awesome idea that someone would pick a movie and then everyone would review it. Over the first couple of days of being in the club I began to put together a list of movies I’d want to suggest for the club at some point. It was during this time that I had watched the movie Heat for the first…

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13 thoughts on “Film Club: Heat (1995)

    1. I did – for some reason it wouldn’t let me like or comment on it without logging in through facebook and I haven’t known my facebook password for two years and haven’t cared to change it…

      you all did a good job!

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  1. I saw Heat in the cinema twice, back in ’95, and even though DeNiro and Pacino only share one major scene together, the diner scene is still one of the most exciting moments of my life as a movie fan (I still remember seeing it for the first time in the movie theatre, thinking to myself, “Wow, is this really happening?”).
    It’s also one of those rare scenes in a movie where if I’m flicking channels, and I know it’s coming up soon, I’ll wait around for 15 or 20 minutes just to watch it again.

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    1. I hear ya! It is one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history. Seeing it on the big screen is probably epic… isn’t it? much better than watching it on TV, obviously! Thank for the comment, Paul. Always a pleasure.


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