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I’m honored to present my first Shitfest entry. Thank you, Eric! This is so much fun and I can’t wait for the next time. theIPC rocks!!!!

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I’m so excited!! This is my first Shitfest entry ever and I am so ready to do some cinematic slashin’ and bashin’. I was having some difficulty finding the right film to bash, but then I realized… how could I forget this one??? Neglect my suffering and anguish like that??? So, I am hereby proud to introduce you to my first Shitfest victim… Hope you’ll enjoy! (And if you violently disagree, please keep in mind I’m only human and I have feelings, and I am overall a nice person, o.k.?)

Boyhood (2014)

Ok, I know I’m totally swimming against the current here, but am I seriously the only one who got terribly bored by this film??? I mean, come on! Ok, I realize that it’s very cool it took like 12 years to make it, but what the fuck? I felt like…

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3 thoughts on “SHITFEST 2015: BOYHOOD (2014)

    1. I really wouldn’t want to ruin it for other people, but I guess that’s a risk I took when writing this review… OOPS! Maybe you’ll like it, I don’t know, however, we do often share the same taste in films, so maybe you won’t. Give it a try for at least an hour 🙂

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