Lollipop- a sweet new rating system

As I chose to name my blog Sweet Archive, I noticed there wasn’t anything sweet insinuated in it. Film/ show reviews can be both sweet and sorrow, but if I could add an additional sweet notion to it, than why not? So I chose the sweet symbol of a pink lollipop for my new rating system, so that even if the review is really really harsh, and the film/ show really really sucks, there would be the pink lollipop to sweeten things up. So… after wearing out the word “sweet”, I hereby present Sweet Archive’s new rating system. Enjoy!

1 lolipop rating  = awful

2 lolipop rating= bearable

3 lolipop rating= somewhat enjoyable, but probably wouldn’t see it again

4 lolipop rating= really liked and would definitely will see again

5 lolipop rating= LOVED it! goes into my all time favorite list!

6 thoughts on “Lollipop- a sweet new rating system

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