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New Year’s Resolution- 2015

I haven’t watched anything very interesting lately, so I’m wondering what to write about. I’d hate to not write a post at all, because I believe I should always have something to say… about film, anyways.  I thoroughly picked my brain and thought about what to write, when all of a sudden, out of the blue, I figured New Year’s is coming up (Christmas wasn’t enough of a hint…) and still I did not have a resolution. Now, I obviously have a lot to cover when making resolutions, like the rest of my life, but I think it’ll be better if this year I focused more on writing and my blog, so…. my New Year resolution is:

 To watch as many films as possible!!!!

There should be a certain structure to this resolution, an organized plan, perhaps, otherwise, I’m totally in for chaos.  Now, I can’t create a schedule of which film to watch when, because it’s entirely mood based. I decided to make a list of ten films I would like to watch and, of course, review, so this way I’m covered for at least a month. One of them is not out yet, but I’m patiently waiting. I numbered the films randomly, so it’s not priority based, just so you’d know… when it comes to unseen films, I’m all for equality!

Here we go:

Number one is Interstellar (Dir. Christopher Nolan, 2014)

Reason for wanting to watch: I heard sooooo many good reviews of on this film that my curiosity kills me.


Number two is Mood Indigo (Dir. Michel Gondry, 2013)

Reason for wanting to watch: I just LOVE the director and cast, and French films are simply the my bowl of cherries.


Number three is Dumb and Dumber To (Dir. Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly, 2014)

Reason for wanting to watch: great memories from the first film that are badly in need of a sequel.


Number four is St. Vincent (Dir. Theodore Melfi, 2014)

Reason for wanting to watch: isn’t Bill Murray enough of a reason??


Number five is The Great Escape (Dir. John Sturges, 1963)

Reason for wanting to watch: a classic film I shamefully did not watch yet.


Number six is Into the Woods (Dir. Rob Marshall, 2014)

Reason for wanting to watch: I just love those twisted fairy tales, and the trailer blew me away.


Number seven is The Congress (Dir. Ari Folman, 2013)

 Reason for wanting to watch: great respect for Ari Folman after Waltz with Bashir, plus I love a good Sci-Fi film with a great cast.


Number eight is The Grand Budapest Hotel (Dir. Wes Anderson, 2014)

 Reason for wanting to watch: Wes Anderson!


Number nine is Mortdecai (Dir. David Koepp, 2015)

Reason for wanting to watch: Johnny Depp’s mustache!


Number ten is Frankenweenie (Dir. Tim Burton, 2012)

Reason for wanting to watch: Tim Burton!


I believe I made a wise resolution, considering I’m a movie freak, and I’m sure many of you will sympathize. I wish you a happy new year no matter what your New Year’s resolution will be, and I hope this list will serve us (or just me) right, however, other suggestions will be more than welcomed!

Happy New Year!!

11 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution- 2015

  1. The Great Escape was my favourite film when I was a child. I watched it endlessly when I was 11 or 12 years old. I loved war films and westerns. Still do.
    I’ve watched The Great Escape so many times, that every character, memorable line and action set-piece is burned into my cinematic brain. It’s a trip back to my childhood every time I watch it.
    I only hope you enjoy the film half as much as I do.


    1. I recently joined a film club, and one of the bloggers chose this film for January. I have to watch and review it. I’m not the biggest fan of war films, but it’s a classic, so regardless I needed to watch it. I totally understand what you mean, though… I love watching films that bring me back to childhood. Your enthusiasm sounds like me talking about Labyrinth (1986). I myself am an 80’s freak 🙂 Thanks! b.t.w, I love Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer films!


    2. Your film club sounds interesting and The Great Escape has such a fabulous cast and a great Elmer Bernstein score, I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy when you watch it.
      Thanks for your comment on my post as well, you made my day!

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