French Roast (2008)

There’s something about short films that makes me feel right at home. This sweet animation occurs in a Café in Paris.   A cocky mustached gentleman realizes he forgot his wallet at home, when he relies on different ways to solve this embracing situation. To bide his time he orders more coffee.

 “French Roast” was first revealed to me when I was doing my laundry duty while the TV was on. The plot seemed so interesting that I  kind of dropped my unfolded underwear back into the bin, and just kept watching. French cinema always fascinates me.  As I was looking for something else entirely this film suddenly popped out. All of a sudden I remembered it and thought it could make a great Thursday post. Something entertaining with a nice flavor for the weekend. Directed by Fabrice Joubert, the film is funny and witty with a pinch of sarcasm. 8:18 minutes of joy that end with an ironic moral lesson.

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