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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Mel Gibson on the Set of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Mel Gibson as Mad Max, 1985

With the up and coming Mad Max: Fury Road, I decided to reminisce a special older version, a favorite of mine… Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. A post-apocalyptic film created in 1985 (back to the 80’s) by director George Miller and George Ogilvie. A young Mel Gibson in his third go round as Mad Max (Max Rockatansky), a road warrior who is now on a mission to defeat Aunty Entity (Tina Turner), the vicious ruler of shady Bartertown. Max had a chance to win Aunty’s hearts desires, after she discovered his miraculous warrior skills. Breaking their deal, Max is being exiled to the desert’s by furious Aunty Entity, and fates exhaustion and probable death. “Bust a deal, face the Wheel.” He is saved by a tribe of children led by Savannah Nix, who recruits Max for the mission of the ruthless queen’s defeat.


Aunty Entity and her army of barbarians



Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985) Blu-ray Screenshot
Savannah Nix

MadMaxBeyondThunderdome-Still15Growing up I remember loving this film. Much like Labyrinth, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome had managed to create an unforgettable mark in my film archive. Tina Turner joined a wall of villain fame alongside David Bowie’s Jareth, and Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Her costume and hairdo are still so inspiring, that even today’s artists mimic (Rihanna). Her theme hit song, “We Don’t Need Another Hero” was sung by me repeatedly, as I, until today, click on the song’s YouTube link to reminisce.

Tina Turner as Aunty Entity


“We are the children, lost generation”

Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy who takes Mel’s role as Max and Charlize Theron as bad-ass commander named Imperator Furiosa, is due to come alive in May 2015. More digital effects and less dialog, director George Miller states. Millennium shows its signs. In the meantime, let me take you back… to the 80’s!

13 thoughts on “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

  1. You had me at “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” – then I read your post and I’m hooked : )

    P.S. Fury Road looks AMAZING


    1. Thanks, isaac! I love this film and I’m happy you liked my post. I haven’t seen Fury Road yet, but I’m sure I will soon! Gosh, I feel like I have a lot to catch up on. 2015 is going to be BUSY 🙂

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  2. Although Mad Max 2 is my favourite film in this series I’ve got fond memories of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, in fact a lot of it is actually amazing: Bartertown, Master Blaster, Aunty and “Two men enter, one man leaves!” are all crucial entries in the Mad Max saga. The sets, vehicle and costume design aren’t half bad either.
    I only wish Mel Gibson could have reprised the role one more time and brought the story full circle.

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    1. I have to admit that Beyond the Thunderdome is the only Mad Max I watched so far, but I love this film mainly due to its great cast, set and costumes, so I agree with you on that one. It’s a childhood film and until today every time I listen to Tina’s song I shed a tear… I’ll give the other films a go. Did you watch the new one with Tom Hardy?


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