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Deeply Unsettling

Playlists of Psychopaths Movies have tricked us. They made us believe that Classical music and psychopaths are strongly intertwined, when in fact, it’s actually R&B and Hip Hop that scratch that psychotic itch. Perhaps I’m tapping this perplexing news piece a bit late – The Guardian and Independent already covered this on September 2017 -…… Continue reading Deeply Unsettling

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The Wrath of Negan – No Spoilers Ahead

Yesterday I pleasurably watched the 1st episode of season 7 of The Walking Dead and besides having a heart attack, a rising blood pressure, and a nervous itching all over my body, I was in complete shock! WTF! Negan. By far one of the most atrocious cold-blooded psychopaths ever created. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who took…… Continue reading The Wrath of Negan – No Spoilers Ahead