Introducing Liam Brandon Murray

Ok… I saw this awesome post on my Facebook wall the other day and thought it was absolutely amazingly macabre.

I’m taking a slight detour from films today and flipping over to fashion and costume couture. As a former costume designer and an advocate of all things strange and unusual, passing on this Facebook gem would be a mistake.

I mean, look at this. I’d get married in this.


So, the man behind this is Liam Brandon Murray, a UK sculptor and artist that crafts baroque-like garments formulated from deeply layered urban elements and fabrics creating an overwhelming wearable artwork.

You can even dare put this in a washing machine.

There’s so much thought put into each garment, an almost microscopical attention to every detail, stitch, and finish that make each piece one of a kind. It’s not unnoticeable that Liam often incorporates religious elements and iconography into his designs, claiming he wanted to be a religious artist as a small boy. If you look closely, you’ll see Jesus on a cross, cherub angels, and church edifices. And there’s a hidden meaning behind this, you bet.

Not only does religion take a significant part in his designs, there’s eccentric glances of what would humans wear when they come to terms with their alien origins and star heritage. Liam’s wearable pieces cover the human form top to bottom, leaving no area untouched, from gowns to hats, shoes to coats and even wedding dresses.

If you’re looking for a little steampunk in your wardrobe, you found your guy.



So, how does Liam make his pieces?

Liam uses a mix of different formulas he calls “a cauldron”, containing an interesting mix of materials, including liquid foam for stretch, latex, stretchy fibers, and stretchy paints, among other things.

Once it’s on the fabric, he injects the back so it seals and becomes watertight.

I’ll get you my prettyand your little dog too!”




“Liam Brandon Murray fine art wearable sculpture. still in progress/not finished. Creator and founder of this art genre. All rights reserved. all under copyright.”

Moving like a spider…


Liam’s goal is to get the art world to recognize costume and fashion as fine art.

Lord Maharaja & Star Bride on stage in the 2016 WOW Awards Show


This is rare fine art. Not often do I come across such brilliance so fit for the hottest galleries and couture runways in the global “Big Four” fashion capitals of the 21st century -Paris, Milan, London and New York.

I don’t know Liam personally, but stumbled across these beauties on Facebook and absolutely had to take a sneak peak at his page and see what other treasures he’s got in there.

On The World of WearableArt editorial piece, Liam said that: “It’s my goal to get the art world to accept that as a piece of fine art. It’s just as good, if not more so, than a standing sculpture. This thing has to work, it has to move. [Costume and fashion designers] deserve more credit in the art world, I think.” 

Best of luck, Liam, and keep indulging us with your genius.

Liam Brandon Murray

Liam Brandon Murray


OMG, It’s Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Are you ready to spook the bejesus outta someone or get the jitters yourself tonight? Have you packed your candies and rehearsed your Trick or Treat? Have you gruesomely decorated your front door and backyard with fake spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns and polystyrene graves? Have you practiced singing horrific lullabies by the fire place and dusted off your favorite Vincent Price films?

Although trick or treating and celebrating Halloween is not a part of my religion, I do solemnly dedicate this day to watching scary as shit movies and playing super dark video games. I love this day so much as it includes all of my favorite things: pumpkins (eating and carving), costumes, witches, horror, black cats, dark decorating, Gothic and quirky films and sweets. Love sweets.

And so, this is my agenda for today:

  1. Play dark video games. Right now focusing on “Fear For Sale – Mystery of McInroy Manor”
  2. Change my ringtone to Beetlejuice theme
  3. Watch Vincent Price on The Masque of the Red Death
  4. Check if Penny Dreadful 3rd season’s out yet
  5. Suffer quietly. I skipped working today due to bad stomachaches, which I’m sure will get better once I accomplish all of the above.

For all of you celebrating this magnificent day, I wish a very scary Halloween.

May you be properly scared and scream your lungs out!




As I am turning 32 today, I decided to write about a special film. A childhood film. One that follows me to this very day…

curious yet?

Labyrinth, 1986, Jim Henson

Labyrinth, 1986, Jim Henson

This 80’s fantasy flick is in my special list of great films and great soundtracks. Like a hidden treasure. A quick flash back… Sarah is an imaginative girl who loves to dream of fairy tales. In her own little world she is a beautiful princess who’s captured by an evil king. When Sarah’s asked to babysit her little brother, Tobby, who doesn’t stop crying, she’s wishing for the goblin king to come take him away. Unaware of the results to her own wish, Sarah finds herself lost in a huge labyrinth in a quest of finding Tobby. She encounters with all sorts of unusual characters along the way, who lead her to find true friendships and eventually getting her brother back.


“Goblin King! Goblin King! Wherever you may be, take this child of mine far away from me!”


“You have thirteen hours in which to solve the labyrinth”

Labyrinth is an outstanding direction and puppetry work of Jim Henson. The film Starring Jeniffer Connelly as Sarah, and the greatest of them all, David Bowie (yes, again!) as Jareth the goblin king.



Reise ins Labyrinth, DieIt’s been so many years since, and yet I still feel very sad every time the film ends. For 100 minutes I’m lost in another world where anything could happen; hidden paths, talking door knobs, funny creatures…


“As The World Falls Down”, David Bowie



“Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave!”



The entire soundtrack album is by David Bowie and Trevor Jones. Looking back to when I was 6, I remember memorizing all songs and singing them in my room. I was a funny kid… Needless to say I had an infatuation with David Bowie since then.  I remember loving one song in particular, “Dance Magic, Dance” which has a lovely part of church bells chiming in the middle. I get the chills still listening to this part. Gosh, this post really brings me back. I feel like a child again.

A little treat…



The City Of Lost Children


city05a magnificent creation by my favorite French duo, Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Delicatessen, Amelie). i seem to be a little out of words for describing this film. i only remember i was a lot younger when i first watched it, and it scared me a little. it puts me in a funny mood. like a child, i keep shifting from sad to happy to scared to loved to abandoned. it’s like an innocent cycle of feelings. i have an unusual attraction for these sort of things. perhaps an unusual character myself? fantastic capturing music by Angelo Badalamenti makes me think of a dark and forgotten circus in a parallel world somewhere. this is getting weirder and weirder. i’ll finish with this: watch the film and you’ll have a better idea of what i’m talking about. if you already did, i hope this post makes sense to you. good luck!