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Hey there 

Welcome to my new page “Bitter & Better – The Fabulous World of a Moody Girl”. On here, you’ll find personal adventures and special anecdotes of online dating as told by a serial dater, as it seems. Me!

I’m naturally a movie blogger with a little extra on the side.


I’m also a single girl living in a single world, among other things, and if I don’t start sharing some of my dating experiences, I feel like I’m going to literally EXPLODE!!!!

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I’ve been online dating since I was… gosh… 28 years old!

I’m now 35. Damn, math is not on my side.

I can safely say that I’ve had great dates, mediocre dates, boring dates, horrible dates and so on and so forth. I had them all! One date per week when I’m determined to make it work, 2 dates a month when things are on the slower side, and no dates when I’m badly in need of a healthy break.

Ahhh, is this natural?

I tell you, being a single girl in the online world is anything but easy, for me anyways. One profile after another… one message that doesn’t amount to anything after another… One sleazy remark after another… phew, feels like a thesis coming up. These dating platforms are educating me, if anything. I acquire a deep understanding of the wonderful world of single guys, a plethora of theories about timing, texting and phone conversations, adopt all kinds of thoughts and speculations and ultimately a very angry attitude. Meanwhile, my sarcastic alter ego just keeps evolving and I am very much here to nourish it.

So, here goes. My new blogging niche is coming to life!

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Everyone is welcomed to take a peek, and please, do not hesitate to shell out your thoughts and comments. 🙂