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Overboard (1987), The Addicted to Screwball Blogathon

Paul of Pfeiffer Films and Meg Movies announced his screwball blogathon 2 months ago, and I thought it would be super cool to participate and dip my foot in unfamiliar waters. You see, I’m more of a mystery, dark fantasy, and bizarre movies kind of gal… Anywho, baffled on which movie to go with, it came to me, suddenly… OVERBOARD! Here’s a screwball movie, from the 80’s which is a decade I’m in love with, starring comedy goddess Goldie Hawn and her long-lasting partner in crime Kurt Russell. I’ve watched Overboard more times than I can remember, so definitely no harm in watching it again, eh? This just became my kind of Blogathon! Yay, Paul. Overboard (1987), here goes…


Overboard is a real Screwball movie. Produced and directed by TV comedy aficionado Gary Marshall, Overboard involves two characters stuck together in a silly situation. What starts with complete loathing turns into… ding ding ding!

Joanna Stayton (Goldie Hawn) is a selfish and self- centered rich debutant used to having her way. Married to Grant, a self-indulging man (Edward Herrmann) that cares for no one but himself, Joanna finds herself very much bored while their yacht anchors in Elk Cove for repair and hires struggling carpenter Dean Proffitt (Kurt Russell) to remodel her closet. Seeing as Proffitt used oak wood instead of cedar “Everyone knows closets are made of cedar”, Joanna refuses to pay his wages and gets rid of him by pushing him overboard.

Later that night, Joanna goes on deck to look for her misplaced wedding ring and accidentally falls overboard straight to a complete amnesia. She ends up in a mental hospital as an anonymous woman when vengeful carpenter Dean claims her as his wife of 13 years Annie. Proving he’s indeed her husband, Dean brings Joanna/Annie to their squalor house, reintroduces her to her alleged four sons, heavy load of chores, and crummy couch for her to sleep on. Dean is completely engaged with making this woman miserable in return for screwing him over.

As expected, love concurs all.

Overboard is a great movie well decorated with humor, exaggeration, and romance.

As fit for a Screwball Comedy, the movie takes an inevitable shift when both Joanna/ Annie and Dean start to adapt and mature into this nutty scenario. Joanna becomes accustomed to a less than ideal life, exchanges fine champagne with a cold beer, learns how to cook, do laundry and wash dishes, and even becomes a concerned mother to her new sons.

The dynamic between Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is obviously amazing as they’ve begun romancing 3 years prior to making this movie. Forever may be a word too small to describe this relationship.

Goldie Hawn is divine. She’s got the beauty, style, humor, eccentricity, voice, and talent. I love her in absolutely every movie she ever did, with Death Becomes Her being my absolute favorite. Goldie just knows how to pull off quality comedy and it never gets tedious to watch her.

I just ate a bug scene always makes me laugh.

Her facial expressions are superb, and her voice is beyond brilliant. You cannot but adore her.


Kurt Russell is a hottie and a damn great actor. He won me over in many movies starting with Tango & Cash, Big Trouble in Little China, Death Proof, The Hateful Eight, just to name a few. On Overboard, Russell adopts a different character than his usual action roles, playing a work-weary widower and single father. His reputable playful mojo comes across only when ploying his rich blonde nemesis.

Fun fact:

In the movie, Dean tells Annie they slept together on their first date in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven claiming Annie “jumped my bones the first night we met!” on which shocked Annie replies “I’m a slut”.

Well, true story.

According to DailyMail and other magazines, Hawn and Russell slept together on their first date, with Hawn pointing out she was loose.


End of Fun Fact.

In a nutshell, Overboard is a fine romantic comedy that successfully maintains the charm of the old classic genre. I’d say it’s a super fun watch, never gets tedious if you’re a Hawn/Russell/good comedy/80’s fan.




12 thoughts on “Overboard (1987), The Addicted to Screwball Blogathon

  1. I just saw this film today and it was hilarious! It’s such a good blend of comedy and romance. When the film first came out it was panned by most critics but Roger Ebert actually liked it and gave it 3/4 stars. That’s why I like him. He could always see a film for what it really was, good or bad. Anyways, just found your blog and it’s lots of fun!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m super happy you love this movie and how funny it is that you just watched it, eh? You know? I’m trying not to read Roger Ebert’s reviews on movies I reviewed because then I just find out I skipped something and his choice of words is a LOT better than mine, and my competitiveness just doesn’t allow it. The man was brilliant with words and perception. Thank you for saying my blog is fun! :-)))) It’s great to know yours as well!


  2. I love this reverse Cinderella story – the rich princess turned into scullery made, mind you I will watch Goldie Hawn in anything from Cactus Flower to Death Becomes Her. Thanks for your contribution to the blogathon. It wouldn’t have been the same without you and Goldie!

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    1. Thank you, Moody, your review was spot on. Overboard is such a fun film and Kurt and Goldie are a great couple. Also… thank you for the compliment. I promise to store it up there in the clutter (’cause I like compliments), but I’ll put it on a pedestal so I can find it more easily than the glut of criticisms which often piles up . 😀

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