A few good fries

HEY, YOU GUYS! Was just introduced to Gastradamus, the blogger who friggin’ reinvented the concept of Hilarious! This guy’s absolutely brilliant and if you’re up for a great laugh, he’s your dude.

Thanks for making me laugh, Gassy Gas!


I’m not a stalker or anything, she just happened to work at the drive thru. McDonald’s is a great place to eat, but its rare when you have a physical attraction towards the brod who is taking your order and credit card.

“Welcome to McDonalds, May I take your order”, she asked?

Yes, I said. I’m going to have the Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder. . .

I paused for a moment so she could comprehend the beginning of my order, because I’m a kind and caring person who is full of compassion and patience, Not to mention, I didn’t want her to fuck it up.

“OK”, she said…

“I’m also going to have a small fries and a medium coke, and that will be it, I finished.

“And will that conclude your order”?, she asked.

I had just told this lady that my order was finished, but maybe…

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18 thoughts on “A few good fries

    1. I did, thanks for spreading the Gastradamus love. Hope you like the sequel and I hope my story brought you some blogging traffic. You can repost it if you think its worthy

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, very kind of you. I hope your followers like it and we love Paul S at Gastradamus. If you liked this one, than you’ll love the others. Infant rice is the latest

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    1. Paul S is great, I agree 🙂 Will check Infant Rice up right away. Told others about your blog too, friends and family, I mean. People I thought who’ll dig your humor. Keep up the awesome stories!


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